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Actress, Esther Nwachukwu Spills Dirty Secrets As She Exposes Married Colleague, Junior Pope Of Having Extramarital Affairs

Actress, Esther Nwachukwu Spills Dirty Secrets As She Exposes Married Colleague, Junior Pope Of Having Extramarital Affairs

Upcoming actress, Esther Nwachukwu has opened up on how her male senior colleague, Junior Pope used her to clout chase.

The actress went on to drag the married father of three as she disclosed how they went from chasing clout to being intimate.

She made this known to faceless Instagram blogger, Gistlover where she spoke about her affair with the actor and their staged content creation.

According to Esther, she drew a tattoo on her body with the initials JP; meaning Just Peace. However, after Junior Pope saw the tattoo, he reached out to her and had promised to make her trend if she pretends that the tattoo was for him.

He had also asked her to chase clout with his wife unfollowing her on Instagram, which was planned.

Junior had promised to repay her in cash for it but the actor had failed to keep to his words and had subjected her to ridicule online by denying her.

To worsen things, they both had an affair and Junior Pope was always requesting money from her, which he never returned.

In 2021, Esther had accused Jnr Pope of sleeping with her despite being ‘happily’ married with three kids.

Nwachukwu via her Instagram page made a video accusing the Nollywood ‘Bad Boy’ of conspiring with her to do a fake tattoo of his name on her body, so he could trend.

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The actress further said the actor didn’t sympathize with her when her Instagram page got disabled.

Calling him out on Instagram, she said,

“After begging me to make a video of me tattooing your name on my body, when my page was disabled, you were feeling important.

Help me ask Jnr Pope if he wasn’t the one that begged me to tattoo his name on my body. I never tattooed Jnr Pope on my body, it was all arranged. Ask him if me and am no fk.? The worse part is that e no sabi fk.”

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She had also called out the actor’s wife, Jennifer for blocking her after she tattooed his name on her body.

Esther in the video, described Junior Pope as one of her favorite actors and said his wife who was initially following her on Instagram, blocked her after observing the tattooed initials on her body.

The actress wrote;

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“Now kindly judge this. Cos I believed it’s called #fanlove Since #2018 I #tattoo one of my # favorite #celebrities on my body @jnrpope on my body next thing the wife blocked me”.

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