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Celebrity Mum, Real Warri Pikin Blows Hot At Critics Over Her Emotional Weight Loss Surgery

Celebrity Mum, Real Warri Pikin Blows Hot At Critics Over Her Emotional Weight Loss Surgery

Popular Nigerian comedian Anita Asuoha, fondly known as Real Warri Pikin, has slammed critics over her weight loss surgery.

It is no longer news that the comedian underwent a surgical procedure to reduce her weight for health reasons.

In an exposé posted to her YouTube channel, the mother of two said that her husband encouraged her to have the weight loss surgery because it was negatively affecting her health.

She revealed that she suffered from a condition called atherosclerosis which is characterized by the thickening or hardening of the arteries. This condition caused her to have dizzy spells, breathlessness and joint pain, among others.

The comic also noted that in 2017 she decided to shed her extra weight through exercise at the gym and a healthier diet, but it did not work. She also disclosed that January 2023 was a difficult period for her because of her health challenges due to her weight. Along the line, she also became depressed.

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She said in part,

“So na Ikechukwu now dey tell me to say I must do a weight loss surgery because he does not want to lose me. It was such a difficult time for me, This was like January 2023, I cried, I went back to the gym, I worked out, I ate right, eye go dey turn me because I no fit chop wetin I suppose to chop, it became a very difficult time for me, trying to make a decision to go on weight loss surgery so it could help me lose weight and be well.”

After much deliberation, Warri Pikin said she made up her mind to do what was best for her and opt for the surgery. She stressed that coming to the decision was the scariest and most challenging one for her.

In her words, 

“And then I’m trying to do it naturally, everybody around me has made up their mind except me, it was such a difficult moment for me. At the end of the day, I just woke up one day and said ‘Baby I’m ready, let’s do this’ and I took the most difficult decision of my life, I went on weight loss surgery.”

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Many who weren’t pleased with her decision had slammed her over her surgical procedure, as they stated that she looked more beautiful with her former body.

Reacting to the criticisms, she expressed her desire for her critics to experience what she went through, especially with the breathlessness and joint pain.

Calling them miscreants, she assured them that she hasn’t changed, but is way happier and healthier.

“I am still her but happier and healthier. For those of you who didn’t watch the full video on YouTube but are coming here to write rubbish, and also saying you prefer my before.

I wish you experience all I went through especially the breathlessness and joint pain. Bunch of insensitive miscreants.”

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