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Relationship Expert, Joro Olumofin Sends Warning To Cheating Married Men: ‘Understanding Wife Is Now Scarce in Nigeria’

Relationship Expert, Joro Olumofin Sends Warning To Cheating Married Men: ‘Understanding Wife Is Now Scarce in Nigeria’

Relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin has issued a warning to married men in the habit of cheating on their wives.

Referring to the lack of patient wives in the country, Olumofin voiced extreme concern about the growing number of married women who commit infidelity, particularly in cities like Lagos and Abuja.

Citing the importance of trust, communication, and emotional support within a marriage, he emphasized the need for husbands to cherish and appreciate their wives, acknowledging the scarcity of such understanding partners in the country today.

Joro claims that many married women are turning to adultery for a variety of reasons. Others are motivated by their spouses’ infidelity, while some are compelled to cheat because they believe their husbands are unstable financially.

As the call for fidelity and commitment echoes through his message, Olumofin sought to illuminate the dire consequences that unfaithfulness can bring upon a relationship – urging men to re-evaluate their choices before it’s too late.

Olumofin who is famously known as Love Doctor gave a severe warning to married men, advising them to stop cheating if they want a faithful partner.

He highlighted the value of understanding and reciprocity in relationships, stating that if men expect commitment from their spouses, they must be willing to show the same loyalty.

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In his words:

“The rate at which married women are cheating in “Lagos & Abuja” especially is alarming.

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Most wives are cheating because their husbands are brOke.. but a lot because their husbands are unfaithful.

“Dear unfaithful Married men, todays Wives won’t:
Watch wUr room
or Fast and Pray
They will cheat back.
The new Motto is Do me I do you. Understanding wife is now scarce in Nigeria.”

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In January, the self-acclaimed relationship specialist and social media personality took to his social media handle to raise alarm over the rising cases of HIV pandemic in Abjua, Lagos state, particularly in Lekki, Ikoyi and Ikeja.

Without sharing his source of statistics, Joro stated that most of the ladies with the virus were infected by their cheating husbands.

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