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Nigerian Woman, 54, Inspires Hope As She Welcomes Triplets After 7th IVF Attempt, Shares Her Infertility Journey

Nigerian Woman, 54, Inspires Hope As She Welcomes Triplets After 7th IVF Attempt, Shares Her Infertility Journey

A 54-year-old Nigerian woman, Funmi Edeni, has become an inspiration to many women after giving birth to triplets following her 7th attempt through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Sharing her journey to becoming a mother, Funmi revealed that she faced numerous setbacks, having attempted IVF six times in the UK where she resides, without success.

However, her unwavering determination paid off on her seventh attempt, which was conducted in Nigeria, where she achieved the dream of motherhood with the birth of her triplets.

According to the TikTok creator, she was advised to return to Nigeria and try the IVF clinics in the country since they are said to be very good.

She said she tried her 7th IVF in Nigeria, and it was a resounding success as she conceived and gave birth to triplets.

Funmi disclosed this while answering questions from her followers on TikTok, who wanted to know how she conceived and gave birth to triplets at the advanced age of 54.

Her story has garnered an outpouring of congratulatory messages and admiration from netizens.

The mother of triplets shared a touching video in which she was seen joyfully playing with her little bundle of joy, a moment that has brought her happiness and inspired many others who are facing the challenging journey of infertility.

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She said on TikTok:

“I came all the way from UK to have my 7th IVF done. I have done six in the UK. Then I was told that I should try Nigeria, that they are very good in Nigeria. I came to Nigeria for my IVF and it was a success.”

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Netizens Reactions…

@Arabinrin Iyabor said; “Congratulations mam. I am so happy for you. Be ready to pay three bride price at a go if they decide to marry on the same day. Congratulations.” 

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@Akwaugo Akwaugo said; “God bless your husband for the support and patience he has shown you.”

@Brandon said; “I come to understand that in this life no one should give up on trying, things change when the time due. You inspire me a lot.” 

@nkgadi said; “The God who did it for you will see me through, 43 years old no child.”

@Rosemary said; “This woman is really an inspiration! When I look at her, I see a woman of faith, a woman who refused to give up! Blessings ma.” 

@Soso said: “People think nothing good is in Nigeria. I’ve seen people from UK to Nigeria to operate on fibroid and other health issues.”

@sister Elisa commented: “My Aunty did hers in the USA it didn’t work but she did it in Nigeria and had twins.”

@erelubunmi said: “I did mine in Nigeria Ondo state and had twins.” 

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