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Father Challenges Societal Norms As He Celebrates Divorced Daughter’s Homecoming With A Party, Sends Important Message To Other Parents

Father Challenges Societal Norms As He Celebrates Divorced Daughter’s Homecoming With A Party, Sends Important Message To Other Parents

A heartwarming and unconventional act became a symbol of respect and support when a father organised a celebratory procession to welcome his daughter back home after her divorce.

The father, Prem Gupta, used the act to emphasise the importance of treating daughters with dignity in the face of unjust circumstances.

A video capturing this moving event was shared by the proud father himself on Facebook, where he underscored the preciousness of daughters and the need to stand by them during difficult times.

The video, which has gone viral, shows the woman’s family exuberantly joining her, celebrating her return with cheers, fireworks, applause, and warm embraces. The father’s statement after the party has also touched hearts and is now going viral.

Sakshi Gupta, daughter of Prem, got married to Sachin Kumar, an engineer, in April 2022. However, she soon began suffering abuse from him and her in-laws.

After trying to sort out the situation for months, she confided her predicament to her father, who stood behind his daughter and fully supported her decision to end her marriage.

In a reversal of customs, Prem, a Jharkhand man, celebrated his daughter’s return with a ‘Baraat’.

Traditionally, a ‘baraat’ signifies the groom’s celebratory procession to the bride’s house for their wedding, characterised by lively music and dancing that symbolise the excitement of embarking on a new life together.

In this extraordinary instance, the father’s ‘baraat’ challenges societal norms surrounding divorce, portraying a loving and supportive homecoming for his daughter.

The Baraat procession the dad organized for his daughter’s return was complete with drums and celebratory fireworks.

As Sakshi rolled her luggage back home, a crowd followed her, rejoicing, singing, and welcoming her.

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Gupta disclosed that Kumar and his family subjected his daughter to abuse on several occasions and even once has her “thrown out” of her matrimonial home.

After a year of marriage, Saski found out her husband had been married twice before her but he hid it from her.

She still tried to make the marriage work but the harassment from her husband and in-laws intensified.

When her father learnt about his daughter’s predicament, he supported her in filing for divorce and organised a grand baraat to welcome her home with pomp and pageantry.

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Sharing a 10-minute video of his daughter’s welcome back party on Facebook, Gupta wrote:

“We get our daughters married with pomp and show. But what if the spouse and family turn out to be wrong or do wrong things? Then we should bring our daughters back home with the same respect and dignity because daughters are very precious.”

The heartening video has garnered over 12,000 views on Facebook, along with numerous likes and positive comments from people commending the father’s gesture and offering best wishes to the daughter for her fresh start.

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