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‘Avoid It’ – Nigerian Women Share Their Frightening Experiences After Drinking Zobo During Pregnancy

‘Avoid It’ – Nigerian Women Share Their Frightening Experiences After Drinking Zobo During Pregnancy

Renowned Nigerian chef, Tolani, better known as Chef T or “Diary of a Kitchen Lover,” has opened up about her experience with consuming zobo drink during pregnancy and the adverse effects it had on her health.

The chef, who recently welcomed her long-awaited first child after years of trying, shared that she ended up in the hospital after consuming the popular hibiscus leaf drink.

According to the new mom, throughout her pregnancy, she developed a strong craving for Zobo. Chef Tolani recounted how after consuming a single bottle of Zobo, she began experiencing severe stomach cramps that eventually led her to the hospital.

Thankfully, prompt action from the medical staff helped her recover. It was only afterwards that she made the connection between drinking Zobo and her distressing symptoms.

After her revelation, the chef issued a warning to pregnant women, urging them to avoid consuming zobo if possible due to her personal ordeal.

In her words:

“This was when I landed in the hospital for two days after taking a whole bottle of zobo during pregnancy. I was 6 months gone here. I am grateful my hospital sprung into action.

Thankful to God too and family always mehn. We initially didn’t trace it to zobo until later. If possible, avoid zobo until you are ready to pop.”

In an Instagram post, Chef Tolani suggested that the main culprit might not be the hibiscus flower used in making Zobo, but rather other ingredients such as cloves, known for their potent healing properties, particularly for the female reproductive system. However, these properties may prove too strong for pregnant women.

Her story prompted other women to share their own harrowing experiences with the popular drink. Some recounted tragic miscarriages following Zobo intake, while others reported consuming it without adverse effects.

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See below,

A woman wrote: “Zobo caused me to lose my pregnancy at 5months and since then I have not had another pregnancy… going on 5 years in my marriage now. I wish I knew about it before taking it.”

Another wrote: “Zobo caused me to lose my 5weeks old pregnancy, that was last year April. Since then I have been trying to get pregnant. I pray I conceive this month insha Allah.”

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Another woman commented: “Omg!!!! Just hearing this now makes me remember I took zobo and I miscarried days after and I kept wondering what had caused it but my doctor said a lot of factors cause miscarriages. I haven’t taken in again since it happened March this year at 12 weeks. I’m keeping my faith and hope strong in the Lord for my miracle.”

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In addition, a woman shared: “Chai! Just crossed first trimester, took zobo 3days ago, had mild cramps immediately. I am grateful right now that it wasn’t worse. Though didn’t drink much, had to stop immediately I started feeling uneasy! Thanks for sharing.”



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