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‘It’s Traumatic When People Pressure Me To Give My Son A Sibling’  -Toyin Abraham Voices Out As She Addresses Pregnancy Speculations (Video)

‘It’s Traumatic When People Pressure Me To Give My Son A Sibling’  -Toyin Abraham Voices Out As She Addresses Pregnancy Speculations (Video)

Movie star, Toyin Abraham -Ajeyemi has voiced out her frustration with the online community especially regarding her personal life.

In an interview with TVC ‘Your View’, the 41-year-old mom noted how people expect her to have conceived another child for her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi without caring what she might be going through.

According to the box office actress, she receives questions about when she would give her son another sibling and this has been traumatic for her. She revealed that during her premiere, her doctor was on standby for her.

She then addressed netizens to stop being inquisitive and querying people over their personal lives like when would they get married, get pregnant, or even have another child.

Toyin further noted how people assumed she was pregnant weeks ago without caring if she was on fertility drugs or journey.

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She said:

“More than traumatic. People ask me when am giving birth. I have a son and God gave me a daughter (from her husband’s previous relationship). I have a son and a daughter yet people ask me when I will give birth to another.

Telling me that Ire, my son is already old enough for a sibling. I would smile and tell them very soon and they would tell me don’t say very soon. They don’t even know what I am battling with. Even on my premiere day, my doctor was there, he had to be on standby for me.

Don’t ask questions, a few weeks ago people thought I was pregnant because I had a tummy, you do t even know what was wrong with me. You don’t even know if I am on fertility drugs or on a fertility journey, so stop telling people when are you guys to be a mother.”

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Last month, netizens assumed the movie producer was pregnant as she was captured with her bump while having a moment with famous real estate manager, Ololade Valentina Abuta. The video left many talking about her glow.

Early this year, the mother of one, who was believed to be pregnant last year, confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. However, the baby didn’t survive as she lost the child.

Toyin revealed that she cried following the loss as she wanted to have one or two kids and be done. She also spoke about how she was body-shamed after getting bloated from the loss.

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