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‘2023 Dealt With Me In The Most Catastrophic Ways’ – May Yul-Edochie Writes As She Reflects On Her Devastating Experience In The Past Year

‘2023 Dealt With Me In The Most Catastrophic Ways’ – May Yul-Edochie Writes As She Reflects On Her Devastating Experience In The Past Year

May Yul-Edochie, the estranged wife of actor Yul Edochie, took to Instagram to reflect on the past year – 2023.

In her post, May shared how the past year had been a challenging ride for her, describing it as a series of catastrophic events that left her sad.

The mother of three stated that the year 2023 stole her flesh and blood and this left her in the most devastating, miserable and confused state.

May and Yul lost their 16-year-old son, Kamsi, in March 2023. His death came amidst their marital crisis following Yul’s decision to pick actress Judy Austin as a second wife.

The businesswoman spoke on the adversities and misfortunes she faced in 2023, expressing that the worst blow was the tragic loss of her own flesh and blood, her first son.

Despite dealing with despair, she admitted that she almost gave up but found strength in her faith, and learnt not to question God’s will.

Expressing gratitude, May also appreciated the support she received from family, friends, and even strangers, both offline and in the online community.

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Her post reads:

Dear 2023, you were pregnant on the very first day of Jan unknown to anyone what you would deliver. You dealt with me in the most catastrophic ways….

Too many adversities | misfortunes and the worst of it you stole my own flesh and blood leaving me in the most devastating, miserable and confused state that I could never have imagined.

I lost all hopes and nearly gave up, I had too many questions eating me all up but I kept hearing that voice echoing, “who am I to question God”?

I struggled so hard and stood on God’s words commanding us to give Him praise in every situation despite how difficult it is.

Truly, I appreciate all the good people you made me cross paths with (my family, friends, strangers turned friends and my online fam).

I cannot begin to list names cos it is endless but I want y’all to know that I will forever remain thankful for the incredible level of love and support showered upon me and my family in our most difficult times.

I’m grateful to God Almighty for being God in my life, in other words I’m so glad that man is not God.

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2023, it is with all that is within me, I say goodbye to you forever as I embrace the new year 2024 singing my song with a life of thanksgiving, a life of forgiveness and life of commitment to God.

I pray that God in His infinite mercy and goodness will bless us all and shield us under His constant love. Afflictions shall never rise in our homes in Jesus name”

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Her post is coming in contrast to her ex husband, Yul Edochie’s 2023 speech. Just a few days ago, Yul Edochie had expressed that the past year 2023 had been his best yet, filled with achievements and grace from God.

His positive outlook on 2023 raised eyebrows, especially considering the shared tragedy of losing a child with May. People were confused by his gratitude and joy for the year.


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