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‘If You’re A Black African, Avoid Morocco’ -Nigerians Advice As They Share Awful Experience During Visit To The Country 

‘If You’re A Black African, Avoid Morocco’ -Nigerians Advice As They Share Awful Experience During Visit To The Country 

Nigerians who had terrible experiences during a visit to Morocco in Africa have taken to X to detail their experience while warning others who are dark skinned.

An X user took to the social media platform on Tuesday to write: “If you are black African, avoid Morocco as a travel destination, e get why.”

Her tweet got lots of engagement and many users began sharing their experiences.

One Nigerian woman revealed that she was moved to tears when she got into a pool in Morocco and everyone inside the pool ran out and refused to get back in until she left the pool.

Agreeing with the initial tweet, she added:

Especially if you’re a black African woman. If you’re now a dark skinned black African woman… Please just don’t.”

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Read the tweets below…


Arabs are the worst racists on the planet. They only mask it when they’re outside of their continent. When I say Arabs I also include Morocco. And yes they do not consider themselves Africans. We really need to develop sub Saharan Africa because the North do not consider themselves Africans. Tourism could really flourish if we work really hard towards it and there’ll be no need to travel elsewhere. Africans have been dehumanised enough.


Arabs generally are more racist towards blacks than the whites. If you go to Libya, Kuwait, Qatar etc, you’re almost treated as non-human. That’s when you’ll appreciate the west (though imperfect) for their hospitality. Many of us are American, Canadian , British, Australian, German etc citizens. Show me a west African man that’s a Libyan, Qatari, Saudi Arabian, or any of these wealthy Arabian countries citizens. They lack love and empathy for the next man suffering hardship and act with so much concedence towards a black man! The few among them that are black are treated with so much disdain! Arabs are often filled with so much hate and pride when dealing with the blacks! Our people who live in their countries can attest to this madness.


The entire North Africa is a no go area for me… Been to Egypt and I hated it. Never going back to North Africa. Even Dubai wey Naija ppl fit die on, I hate with a passion. Places I hate are North Africa, Middle East and Asian countries. Others I can manage. Even Russia I go manage.


Not only Morocco, avoid all Arab countries in your own interest.

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