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‘The Cancer Wasn’t Reacting In Her Breast At All’ -Actor, Lekan Olatunji Opens Up On Wife’s Painful Death 

‘The Cancer Wasn’t Reacting In Her Breast At All’ -Actor, Lekan Olatunji Opens Up On Wife’s Painful Death 

Nigerian movie star, Lekan Olatunji has shared the heart-wrenching ordeal he and his wife passed through before her death.

The popular Yoruba actor lost his better half last year. He shared the sad video of her last days online as fans paid their tributes to her.

In an interview with actress, Biola Bayo on her show, Talk to B, he revealed that his wife died of breast cancer. He explained that she did not have any pain in the breast, so they did not detect it early.

According to the father of three, they didn’t know his wife had cancer until they went for a check-up and found out that the cancer had hit her spinal cord, which made her unable to walk.

Lekan recounted how he sold two of his cars for N4 million to save his woman’s life but his efforts were futile.

He said the doctors who examined her were surprised that her body hadn’t started decaying as her cancer was already in a terrible stage.

He added that they were told she had to do two surgeries to survive. Speaking on the efforts he made to save his wife, the actor explained that he called on family members who raised money for them.

He said they were planning to fly her abroad as a relative had assured them that he would foot the bill for her treatment. Olatunji, however, said they were denied visas and she had to continue her treatment in Nigeria.

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He recalled:

“When we came to Lagos for the check-up, we didn’t even see any Nigerians, they were like apprentices there. Indians were the ones operating the machines.

From there we were given the result and when we saw the result, it was cancer. But instead of reacting in her body, it hit her spinal cord. That was why she couldn’t walk again. Cancer of the breast, she just had something little there, but it wasn’t paining her.

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When I questioned her about it, she said she told her matron and she said it was due to family planning and it wasn’t paining her truthfully. It wasn’t reacting in her body at all.

Even the doctors that examined her said her body ought to have started decaying, at the level that it was. They said we were going to do 2 urgent surgeries worth N12.5million.

In her presence, she looked at me and started crying. I said don’t worry, I went outside and started crying. 12.5m, where will I see it? So the whole family had to be involved because we couldn’t hide it anymore.

We were about to fly her out, but unfortunately, we didn’t get a Visa on time. Because the family head said we should bring her over to America, and the expenses will be deducted from his salary.

If we don’t do the first operation to correct the spinal cord, she won’t be able to walk again. I sold two of my cars for 4 million.

The first surgery we did was 5.8million, everything we spent was about N7.8million in Lagos and she was there for like two weeks.”

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