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Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Dishes Marriage Advice To Single Ladies: ‘Don’t Marry Potential, Marry Kinetic’ 

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Dishes Marriage Advice To Single Ladies: ‘Don’t Marry Potential, Marry Kinetic’ 

The senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Jimmy Odukoya had the singles quaking in their shoes with his viewpoint on marriage.

In a sermon that may not sit well with a lot of people, Pastor Odukoya advised ladies not to marry people who they deemed as having potential but instead, they should go for men who are kinetic, and who have something going on for them.

He emphasized that the person any lady wants to marry mustn’t be super rich but must be visibly working towards something.

While explaining the meaning of kinetics as it relates to his sermon, the happily married clergyman explained that people who are kinetic are those that are in motion, and working towards their dreams.

The dad of two went further to say that a lot of people can dream because dreaming is free. However, it is the work that needs to be put in that matters.

In furtherance to his message about marrying someone who is kinetic, the Nollywood star actor gave an example of someone who makes use of the twenty-four hours in a day fully by waking up at 4am to start his day.

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He mentioned that people utilize their days differently, with others working towards their goals, while some don’t. In citing an example of a hardworking person, he made mention of a story told to him by someone about Aliko Dangote who worked throughout a fifteen-hour flight non-stop, despite being a millionaire.

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The crux of Pastor Odukoya’s message was kinetics, with emphasis on marriage, in which he warned that no man should talk about marriage if they don’t have anything going on for them, and neither should a lady marry someone that only has potential, and not kinetics.

Pastor Odukoya has released several messages on marriage that have become quite popular among the masses.

The talented movie star, since taking over the leadership of the church after his father passed away has made a good number of headlines with unique takes on different topics.

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