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Celebrity Dad, Seyi Law Finally Opens Up On Long Time Beef With Noble Igwe As He Vows Never To Forgive Him

Celebrity Dad, Seyi Law Finally Opens Up On Long Time Beef With Noble Igwe As He Vows Never To Forgive Him

Stand-up comedian, Seyitan Lawrence Aletile, better known by his stage name, Seyi Law has finally opened up on his beef with celebrity dad of two, Noble Igwe.

Over the weekend, a snippet of Seyi Law’s interview with Nedu on his podcast, The Honest Bunch had captured the comedian making a threat to the media personality.

In the viral snippet, Seyi Law had threatened to beat Noble Igwe to a pulp whenever they ran into each other. However, the video didn’t reveal reasons for the threat.

The interview finally dropped on Monday and Seyi Law revealed his reason for despising Noble Igwe. The dad of two claimed that during the past presidential election, Noble made a post and had dragged his wife into it, which made some of his fans troll her.

Seyi Law stated that someone had called his wife an Outcast, which left him enraged. Seyi made it known that he would never forgive Noble until he apologizes to his wife and if they ever met, he would beat him up for his statement.

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“If there is somebody in my industry that I will never forgive, Noble Igwe. I will never forgive him. I am mentioning it publicly, I will never forgive him till he apologizes to my wife.

During the election, he made a post and put my wife’s name, and someone under the comment called my wife an outcast.

So if Noble Igwe dey heat or watch this program, the day our path crosses, if Noble mistakenly touches my body, I will beat him to the extent that the world will ask what he did wrong.”

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Seyi Law and Noble clashed last year during the election after Noble reacted to a tweet asking Yorubas to warm towards dispelling the narrative being pushed around over their hatred for Igbos.

Noble had asked the tweep not to allow Seyi to see such tweet as he noted how Seyi gave reasons why the Igbos should humble themselves and fit in.

Seyi didn’t find his statement amusing and he immediately hit back at him, stating that he lacked knowledge and understanding.

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