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Singer, Harrysong’s Estranged Wife, Alexer Opens Up On The Real Cause Of Their Marital Crisis (Video)

Singer, Harrysong’s Estranged Wife, Alexer Opens Up On The Real Cause Of Their Marital Crisis (Video)

Alexer Harry, the now estranged wife of Nigeria music star, Harrysong has finally shared her side of the story on their ongoing marital drama.

It is no longer news that Harrysong and his wife, who is the mother of his two kids, are currently separated and are on the verge of divorcing.

In an interview with media personality, Daddy Freeze, the mother of two revealed how the singer told her he married her out of pity. She claimed that he repeatedly cheated on her.

According to her, she treated several infections while with him because of his constant infidelity. Alexer further alleged that Harrysong was also assaulting her.

“Harrysong told me he married me out of pity. He cheated on me repeatedly, I can’t come the number of infections I have had to treat. He physically assaults me.”

It was earlier reported that the couple’s marriage was on the rock after a leaked chat surfaced online where the couple trashed each other.

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In the chat, Harrysong threatened to stop taking care of his wife if she failed to abort her pregnancy, informing her that he wouldn’t be responsible for the child since his wife had abandoned his grandmother and stopped taking care of her.

Things got heated between the two and his wife had questioned if the girls they are pimping to him are better than her, and surprisingly, the singer stated that they are way better than his wife as he went on to compliment his side chicks.

Praising his side chicks, he stated that they are fresher, elegant, educated, richer, respectful, and reserved. To add to it, he said they have tighter pussy, standing boobs, and better character and values than his wife.

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He noted how he was the one who chose his wife, hence why he can do what he likes.

“And pls, this is the third time am repeating this to you. Take off that pregnancy, I will not be responsible for no more child from you. Take it off now, since you have abandoned my grandmother and refused to cook in the house with the 100k I just sent you now. You can use that 100k to go take off the pregnancy. Final”.

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“They are way way better than you. Fresher, Elegant, Educated, Richer, Respected, and more reserved than you. Tighter pu$$y, standing b00bs, plus with better characters and better values. I am the one that chose you, I chose you”.

After the news broke out of his alleged marital crisis, Harrysong came clean about it, as he admitted that it’s a challenging time for the couple especially due to the rumors circulating. He appealed to the public to respect their privacy and to be understandable.

Days later, his estranged wife fueled separation rumors as she hinted at leaving the marriage. She announced that she was officially done as she craved the help of God in the next phase of her life.

Recently, Alexer took to her Instagram story, to call him a deadbeat father as she stated that if anything happened to their kids, he would be held responsible.

Last year, while celebrating his wife’s birthday, Harrysong jokingly told her of his plans to take a second wife.

Sharing a video of his beautiful wife who he described as the sweetest, he stated that her sweetness wouldn’t stop him from taking a second wife.

Harrysong tied the knot with his woman in March 2022. The couple share two daughters, Daviva, who was born in 2021, and Purity, who was born in December 2022.

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