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Comedian AY Makun’s Brother, Yomi Casual Weighs In On His Marital Issues

Comedian AY Makun’s Brother, Yomi Casual Weighs In On His Marital Issues

Comedian Ayo Makun’s divorce scandal has been one of the biggest news to hit the internet in recent times.

The comic actor has also collected his fair share of dragging because he insinuated that his daughter was a ‘benefit’ from his marriage.

A lot of people have weighed in on the matter, and just recently, his younger brother, Yomi Casual dropped an indirect message about the divorce.

In a recent post, Yomi attached a post, which spoke about not taking sides in conflicts that you know nothing about. He added no caption, and the next slide on the post was a boomerang picture of himself.

His post reads:

“Never take sides in a conflict you know nothing about.”

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As expected, Yomi’s comment section was full of opinionated netizens, and here’s what they had to say;

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afropiano_0 wrote, “You no fit follow your brother talk?”

adylicious_diva wrote, “Prayers up for everyone going through Marital crises.”

mrs_misari wrote, “My husband always tells me this Never take sides”

ajaerojoy wrote, “When this social media no dey life was much better, people have issues and settle it now there is social media everyone is showing up all for what. las las everybody go dey alright.”

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idiagbo_interior wrote, “My own is why them carry marriage wahala come online”

shirt_galaxy wrote, “True talk cos they might reconcile tomorrow and you will be used as a scape goat”

iam hauwaladi wrote, “After ur sister in law posted, I think things died down since then .. so bro don’t worry urself, everything will be fine by God’s grace, it’s just tym..”

mirabellembili wrote, “My prayers for your brother and wife. May God help them to reach a point of reconciliation”

rumykassum wrote, “Mostly with two persons who have seen each other nakedness”

nkem_dirim wrote, “Truth is an individual’s perception; everyone perceive things differently and it’s not a flaw, is just human!”


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