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‘Many Ladies Are Not Qualified To Be Wife At 28’ – Clergyman, Mike Bamiloye Tells Why

‘Many Ladies Are Not Qualified To Be Wife At 28’ – Clergyman, Mike Bamiloye Tells Why

Gospel actor, evangelist Mike Bamiloye, has said many ladies are not qualified to be wife even at 28.

The clergy, who is the founder of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries, lamented that a lot of ladies nowadays “prepare more for the wedding day, than for the marriage life.”

The Gospel movie producer made this known in a lengthy Facebook post, stressing how some ladies can’t cook at 28.

The proud father and grandpa criticised a trend of young couples rushing into marriage without adequate knowledge or skills.

He wrote,

“I am so afraid of the Youths of this Generation. Many are not Preparing enough to enter into Marriage. Many are very Shallow in their knowledge of Marriage.

They Prepare more for the Wedding Day, than for the Marriage Life. No Deep studies on what Marriage Entails.

They are too hasty and not Ready to Sit down and Learn the Principles of Marital Life. Many Ladies are not qualified to be WIFE even at 28.

They Can’t cook properly. They are used to Fast Food at the Eateries, and Ice Cream and Indomie and Spagetti plus boiled Eggs and Titus, and they spend six months studying the wedding Gowns and the accessories for the Bridal Trails. AND THEY WANT TO MARRY.”

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Bamiloye also bemoaned the lack of spirituality among ladies of the current generation. He further emphasised the importance of spiritual grounding, communication, and perseverance in navigating the challenges of marriage.

He said:

“My dear sister is 26; she is still not yet wife material. She is beautiful, but she cannot cook. She is not spiritually strong in prayer. And she has a shallow knowledge of the word of God.

How would she withstand the spiritual challenges that come against every home now?

How would she take her stand in the Word of God against every wiles of the DEvil that blow against every Christian Home now?

Too materialistic and with very little knowledge of home management. She spent several months preparing for her wedding day, but few moment to study what marriage life is. If love is blind at courtship, it is marriage that will open the blind eyes.”

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While condemning domestic abuse, Bamiloye encouraged couples to “sharpen the rough edges” and highlighted the need to address “red flags” during courtship.

He added,

“I am against abuse of women and wives. A man who beats or tortures his wife is an animal unfit to live among humans. However, we are now having too many breakings, separations, and divorces among children of God.

“No endurance, no respect, no patience. When things do not go as expected, it becomes incompatibility, and our youths, especially ladies, are being taught to walk out of marriage.

“So today, many young marriages are not fulfilled. Every marriage has its rough edges, but you have to sharpen the rough-edges.

“When you were in courtship, you ought to have noticed some little devilish behaviour in the young man, which the Holy Spirit was pointing to you as a red flag, but you were too much in love, too impatient to get into marriage. What then was the meaning of courtship?”

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