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‘Whatever You Do, Make Sure You Give Birth To A Girl Child’ -Man Advices Fellow Men Using His Hospital Experience

‘Whatever You Do, Make Sure You Give Birth To A Girl Child’ -Man Advices Fellow Men Using His Hospital Experience

A man on X has advised his fellow men to ensure they have a daughter. According to him, he’s sharing the advice based on his experience at the hospital.

@xyDrfresh posted on the platform:

“I Will Always Say This, What Ever You Do Make Sure You Give Birth To a Girl Child. Us Way Dey Hospital Don See Am All.”

A follower of his agreed, writing: “They are too important.”

He added: “They are family-oriented. They always come through.”

Another X user weighed in on the conversation, writing: “Good yall are gradually realizing that…the craze for male child among Igbo men is gradually withering.”

@Chibuz commented:

I’m Igbo. I had 3 boys n stopped. My parents did not let me rest. They insisted I needed a girl. I had my daughter when my last son was 12yrs n I’m so very very glad I did. From when she was born till now she 6yrs old, d difference is clear.

She won’t take a bite without making sure everyone else especially her parents have taken. She’s has great emotional intelligence. She cares so much that I ask God what I have done to deserve this angel. U can’t understand. If u can, try n have a daughter. I used d Chinese chart to have her for sex determination. She’s d best gift life gave me.

@Anonymous wrote: 

I’m in my 50s, with only boys. I’m not leaving this world without having a daughter. I would have preferred all girls to all boys. I’ll just have to look into surrogacy or adoption. The thing dey pain me like anything. Don’t get me wrong I love my sons, but mehn, there’s nothing like a girl child.

I know, I’m an only daughter, my mum has been living with me for 9 years straight. My mother is the most healthy 83 year old I know. Never had a surgery in her life. Never been admitted as long as I’ve been her child. She still drives herself.

Doctors marvel when she goes for her medical check-up. I say all this because she is not a liability to anyone. But you see my brothers, even for her to send a few weeks with them, it’s one excuse or the other. One time I just stopped talking to them. It’s just very unfortunate. On top of that they don’t bring 1 naira for her upkeep. Everything falls on my husband and I. My husband doesn’t mind, but it’s so unfair. Just venting.

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@Menh added:

Haha the poster is right mehn 👍🏽👍🏽 When I arrived in Europe I see that women are in charge, when they’re dating or married to a man, the man automatically abandoned his family and focuses on the woman’s family, Christmas celebrations, birthday celebration name it, she will take the man to celebrate with her own family.

You as a parent that give birth the man will be begging to see you son, and he has to consult the wife/ girlfriend first. When they have kids the girls parents will be visiting frequently unlike the man’s family that has to beg to come and see their grandchildren. That was my first experience.

Second experience was when I worked in a nursing home na that one pain me pass, from that day on I begged God to bless me with just two baby girls sorry I don’t need a damn boy child. Me and husband agreed on that hallelujah.

So at the nursing home the men rarely visit their aged sick parents and when they do they will only spend 10-15 minutes and leave 😭😭 but the women visits frequently spent more time like 1, 2 or 3 hours with their aged sick parents, sometimes the women will call us the get their father or mother ready cause they want take them out maybe bring them back to next day or just spend some quality time with their parents. For men they’re sorry ass.

@IDol wrote:

A male child is overrated. a girl child will be married and not forget her home especially her father. you can trust that when her father is by ill, she will visit, cook food, always speak with his nurse even when she isn’t too close, male children are too busy to do so much.


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