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Businesswoman, Sophia Momodu Shares How Birth Of Daughter, Imade Changed Her Life

Businesswoman, Sophia Momodu Shares How Birth Of Daughter, Imade Changed Her Life

Nigerian singer Davido‘s baby mama, Sophia Momodu has revealed some interesting information about her daughter, Imade Adeleke and their relationship.

The mother of one spoke during a recent question-and-answer session with, where she also revealed that the birth of her daughter changed her life.

In a recent media chat, the lifestyle entrepreneur was asked about the biggest lesson her daughter Imade has taught her.

She revealed that her daughter has made her understand the importance of forgiveness and letting go regardless of the situation.

The businesswoman acknowledged her 8-year-old daughter’s aggressive character, admitting to being vocal and, at times, prone to raising her voice. But she has been inspired by Imade’s cheerful aura to forgive without an apology.

The single momma also spoke about what it feels like to be the little girl’s mum as she revealed her obsession with the smart kid.

When asked about her favorite aspect of being Imade’s mother, Sophia showed tremendous devotion and adoration, emphasizing that she adores every aspect of parenting and is completely committed to her daughter.

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When asked what her daughter’s first word was, Sophia laughed and said, “Dada,” and jokingly shared her disappointment about that.

When also asked about her favourite activity with Imade, Sophia enthusiastically stated that they liked travelling together.

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She compared the experience to being with her “home girl,” emphasising their relationship and love of exploring new places together.

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Further into the question and answer section, she disclosed that Imade’s favourite food was beans and noodles.

Sophia shared her heartfelt desire for the world to treat her daughter with love and respect and allow every child to enjoy the gradual process of being in this world.

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