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Veteran Actor, Zack Orji Recounts How Steamy Scene With Eucharia Anunobi Nearly Ended His Marriage

Veteran Actor, Zack Orji Recounts How Steamy Scene With Eucharia Anunobi Nearly Ended His Marriage

Nigerian actor, producer and filmmaker, Zack Orji has opened up about a challenging time in his life when a raunchy movie scene he starred in with colleague, Eucharia Anunobi almost led to the crash of his marriage.

This scene had a significant impact on his personal life and marriage.

In a recent interview with a junior colleague, the veteran movie star recounted how the scene from the 1994 movie “Glamour Girls” caused issues in his marriage, despite his wife being an actress herself.

He explained that many of his wife’s friends filled her mind with unnecessary doubts and suspicions.

Following this, his pastor called to express disappointment after receiving numerous complaints about the movie.

Consequently, the dad of three was suspended from the church. Orji’s revelations highlight the challenges he faced as a Nollywood star.

Many fans of the actor took to the comments section to air their views about the movie and the scene.

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Here are some of their reactions below:

Omotunde Akiode stated: “I remember cringing when I watched it as a kid back then.”

Nneka_Viv said: “I was screaming 😂😭. This scene was actually revolutionary.”

Mr Versatile stated: “Even people wey dem never born 94 sef dey talk about the movie ooo😀😀”

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STREAM MACHO said: “Finally got to watch dis scene after 25yrs, they always chased us outside as kids 😂😂😂😂”

Marvey said: “Now I know why our parents didn’t let us watch this film oh 😆”

officemax_furniture noted: “There is always a controversy to married, so nobody is above that🔥🔥🔥”

@jummyposh1: “They suspended him from his father’s house. But wait! Did he actually had sex with her in the movie?”

@ijiekhuamen: “This was the film that brought him to limelight and I think he acted this with our now preacher.”

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