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‘If You’re Not Extremely Rich, Flee From Polygamy’ – Nigerian Lawyer Warns Men As She Tells Why

‘If You’re Not Extremely Rich, Flee From Polygamy’ – Nigerian Lawyer Warns Men As She Tells Why

A Nigerian lawyer, Stella Justice took to Facebook to warn men to avoid polygamy except they are extremely wealthy.

According to her, polygamy is not for Christians and a man who wants to live longer should avoid it at all cost.

“POLYGAMY is made for the RICH ONLY. IF You are NOT EXTREMELY RICH, please FLEE from POLYGAMY. So that your DAYS may be LONGER on this PLANET.

I’m in for one man one woman kind of relationship. Polygamy is not for Christians. I rest my case,”

she wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.

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Reacting to the post;

One @Ben12 wrote: Polygamy as a rich man is worse. They have more reasons to kill you. Imagine the children of a whole Abiola dying in penury and lack of medication bc they are busy fighting for inheritance. Children from poor father already know that nothing dey and go out to hustle on their own.

@usmannn added: Wrong. The money makes the situation worse most times, make sure the woman accepts the situation b4 you marry her and don’t be one sided in family decisions.

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@anonymous wrote: What kind of convoluted and contradictory talk is this? First she claims that “polygamy is made for the RICH ONLY.’ Then she proceeds to move the goal post and redefined the class to be the ‘EXTREMELY RICH’, narrowing the defined group. After which she states the benefit of avoiding/fleeing polygamy. Then she makes a true and fundamental statement which upends the previous statements by making asserting that ‘Polygamy is NOT for Christians’. But then you wonder, are there no RICH Christians? In fact, are there no EXTREMELY RICH Christians? If the answer to this is yes, then what is the logic in making the first two assertions? A Christian, whether poor, rich or extremely rich, should not practice polygamy. Simple. Matthew 19:4-5. Notice the singular nouns and that TWO become ONE. No place for 2 that have become one becoming joined to another woman to become something else? The man is already part of the ONE in a marriage and should not seek to marry another in a polygamous relationship.

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