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Media Gal, Ife Agoro Recounts How She Ended Her Engagement Two Months To Her Wedding

Media Gal, Ife Agoro Recounts How She Ended Her Engagement Two Months To Her Wedding

Media personality, Ifedayo Agoro popularly known on X as Ìfẹ́@diaryofa9jagirl has taken to social media to share the story of how she took the courage to call off her wedding two months before the occasion.

In a post shared on the popular platform, Ife said they had already paid for the hall, the service of a popular comedian, a musician and a Vera Wang wedding dress when she called off her wedding.

She said she called off the engagement when she realised she was getting married for the wrong reasons.

According to Ife, she had just turned 30 and wanted to fit into the societal dictates that women in their 30s should be married.

She also mentioned that her then-fiancé was a pathological liar and was untrustworthy.

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Read her post and replies below…

“Broke off my engagement two months to the wedding. Hall paid for, popular comedian paid for, part payment for popular musician paid for. Vera Wang wedding dress paid for.

Broke things off without thinking of all that and returned everyone’s aso ebi money. I was getting married for the wrong reasons and I just couldn’t continue. I made one of the best decisions of my life.”

She continued after an X user asked to share more about the broken engagement:

“Because I was going to clock 30 and I don’t know who put it in my head that I had to be married at that time or it would be socially unacceptable to be unmarried at 30.

When I complained to an older friend that it didn’t feel right because not only was I not in love but I had no rest in my spirit, she said I’d fall in love inside the marriage but to never let 30 pass me by. So I stayed despite the fact that he was a pathological liar and extremely untrustworthy.”

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