Mother’s Day Special: 6 Nigerian Kids Write About Their Mothers

Straight from the horses’ mouth as 6 Nigerian children within the age bracket of 5 to 9 write to appreciate their mothers. Their short notes have been edited for easier read. Continue to read…..

Name: Lere Adeodunuga
School: Corona School (Victoria Island)
Age: 8 years old
Oh! Great woman of light, I admire your great skills, when I am sick you comfort me, is there anyone like you?
You taught my lips to pray and read the Holy Book day by day. Great woman of light, when you grow feeble and gray, my healthy hands shall be thy stay, and I will soothe thy pain away.
There is none like you.
My mother’s name is Femitayo Adeodunuga, she is thirty-nine years old, she is married to Mr. Adeodunuga with two children, she is from Kwara state.
Her favourite food is Amala and vegetable soup, she likes to spend time with her family and go to fellowships also. She likes honest people and encourages us to tell the truth always. She dislikes dishonesty, her best colour is pink, she enjoys taking us out during weekends.
I wish her a happy mother’s day because she is wonderful and the best mother in the world!

Name: Naomi Odiaka
School: Favoured Pearls
Age: 7 years
The name of my mother is Mrs. Glory Odiaka. She is happily married to Mr. Chinadu Odiaka. She is a jeweller and comes from Delta State.
Her favourite TV station is 102 m-net series when she is relaxed. She loves eating rice and stew, and finds cooking very interesting as her hobby. She dislikes disturbances when resting and busy with her beads. Her favourite colour is white.
I enjoy everything about my mother because she is just too special to the family. I wish her the best of mother’s day celebration.

Teniola Ebitanmi
School: Apple’s Pre-School
Age: 5 years old
The name of my Mother is Mrs. Olasope Ebitanmi. She is from Kogi State and is married to Mr. Muyiwa Ebitanmi with two children, my brother, Abraham and I.
My mother’s favourite TV channel is 102 and her favourite program is Tinsel. Her favourite food is rice and plantain and her hobbies are cooking and dancing. She  dislikes staying in a dirty environment, but enjoys travelling and visiting places.
I really love my mother because she is caring and loving. I wish her a beautiful mother’s day.

Name: Adeleke Adetiloye
School: Estaport School
Age: 8 years Old
The name of my mother is Mrs. Funmilayo Adetiloye. She is an Accountant by profession. She is from Ondo State and married to Mr. Sesan Adetiloye, with two children.
She loves watching CNN news and enjoys cooking and baking snacks for the family. Her favourite meal is wheat and vegetable soup. Her favourite colours are brown and pink.
My mother doesn’t like an untidy environment and people who tell lies. I really enjoy when she bakes cake for my sister and I.
I wish her a very great mother’s day because she is always there for me and the rest of the family.

Name: Onyinye Daniel
Age: 9 years
My mum’s name is Uche Esther Okafor. She likes slim people, likes making good friends. She enjoys eating egusi and okro soup. She likes when people co-operate with each other. Her favourite colours are blue and yellow. She enjoys browsing with her laptop, writing, playing with children, exercising, strolling and travelling. She also enjoys going out and also talking on phone.
My mum dislikes staying at home, she dislikes when she does not browse on her laptop for a day, she dislikes salty stew or soup, she dislikes gossips, and also dislikes fat people and when a child comes last in class.
I wish she will give birth to twin boys, I wish she would slim down immediately, I wish she would travel to America, have a house and comeget my sister and I. I also wish she would have a car and learn how to drive.

Name: Uche lloduba
Age: 7 years
Mum’s name: Isioma Iloduba
Who Is A Mother?
A mother is a person that takes care of us and cares for our needs.
I like my mother because she takes good care of me and makes sure I am OK.
I like my mother because she appreciates me when I do something good. I want my mother to always give me whatever I ask of her and always remember to buy me chocolates everyday.
I do not like my mother when she shouts at me and beats me when I offend her.


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