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Regular Mum takes on job as cleaner to give 11-year-old daughter celebrity prom experience

A mum took on an extra job as a cleaner to afford a spending spree on  11-year-old daughter graduating from primary school. Mum’s splurges include a dress fit for a princess, fake nails, fake lashes and a fake tan.

According to the Mirror UK;

Aimee Woolley, 36, took on an extra job as a cleaner to be able to give her only daughter, Beth, the day of her dreams. The huge prom extravaganza included a £200 dress, three limousines and two visits from a beautician and stylist. But hard-working mum Aimee says the extra graft was worth every penny to keep her daughter happy.

Aimee and Beth, from Tipton, West Mids, began planning the junior prom in February as soon as they got the date for the ball on Saturday. The pair picked out the royal blue netting and satin gown online and then ordered matching shoes and a clutch bag.

Make-up artist Kate Hadley visited their home a month before the prom to trial hair and make-up styles, and then spent six hours over two visits the day before the prom and the evening of the big event getting Aimee ready. She had a spray tan, fake lashes and acrylic nails painted blue to match her dress in preparation. And then just hours before she headed out to party with her friends, Kate styled her hair with curlers, and used top quality MAC and Clinique make-up to put the finishing touches to her look.

Beth’s aunt and grandparents travelled from Wales to Tipton to take photos and wave her off as she then headed to the house of a classmate where 19 girls enjoyed non-alcholic sparkling drinks from champagne flutes on a red carpet and were snapped by a professional photographer. The gaggle of girls then went for a drive in three limousines in white, pink and silver before arriving at a local pub for the party.

In order to pay for the prom package Aimee even took on an extra job as a cleaner to supplement her job as a school dinner lady. For three months leading up to the prom, she has been starting work at 6am and cleaning a factory for two hours, before returning home to take Beth to school, do the house work, and then heading back out to work at her daughter’s school at 11am. Other mums chipped in to help with the cost of the limos but Aimee doesn’t regret any of the cost.

Aimee said: “I just wanted to give my daughter the biggest, best prom she could imagine. It was really like preparing for a wedding – definitely bigger than any Christmas or birthday we’ve celebrated. We’ve been planning since February and I took on an extra job as a cleaner to make sure I could pay for everything. I’ve got two boys who are 16 and 15 and I wanted a girl. I knew when I had her that she would be pampered and she loves it – she’s such a girly girl. I just love my kids so much I’d do anything for them. We do struggle with money but I just want to give my kids everything they can. Even though I’ve been up at 5am every day to go to work and we held off from decorating our house this year, it was all worth it to see the smile on Beth’s face. My husband was dead against it at the beginning but when he saw Beth come down the stairs he changed his tune. He welled up he was so proud and now he can’t stop talking about it.”



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