About to Pop? See Fun Games to Try Out At Your Baby Shower (Part 1)

Omon Imoisili

“There’s no sweeter celebration of friendship than a baby shower.” – Anonymous

A baby shower is a great and fun way for friends and family of parents-to-be to show love and share in the joy of expecting a new addition. Cool games do not only add more fun to such parties but create extra pleasant memories that linger on, even after baby arrives.

Before the baby shower, make available all materials you need, including prizes to be won at the end of each game.

Here are 10 fun games to try out…

1. Guess who?
Guests are told to bring their own baby pictures or baby pictures of their kids. These pictures are pinned on a board on the wall or spread on the table. The guests are then asked to match the baby pictures to their owners. The person with the most correct answers wins. The more, the merrier, so get lots of people involved.

2. Suck it up!
Baby feeding bottles of same sizes are filled with juice, wine, soft drinks, water, milk, any drink. At the count of three, everyone must suck the bottle empty quickly. The first to finish wins the game.

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3. Where was it?
This is a memory game. Using a rope tied at both ends, hang different objects on the rope – bibs, head warmers, babies socks, baby blankets and any kind of hangable baby objects. Write out the names of the objects in the order in which they are hung. Leave the objects on the rope long enough for the guest to see and then take them off. Giving each guest a pen and paper, ask them to write down all the objects that were on the rope in the exact order they were hung. The person who gets the right order wins.

4. What’s in the bag?
Gather 10 or more baby items such as a diaper, bib, pacifier, feeding bottle, baby rattle, teething ring and the likes in a bag. Offer each guest a pen and paper and then the bag. Each guest should dip into the bag without looking to figure the exact items in the bag and pass. Once the bag has gone round, ask the guests to write down the names of the items in the bag. The person who is able to write the highest number of items in the bag, wins.

5. Make a diaper
Guests are shared into groups and given the task of making diapers using creative materials. The team with the most creative diapered baby wins.

…to be continued.

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