BIZARRE: See Why South African Man Married His Mother

Francinah Makunyane, 62, and her son, ButiMphethi, 28, reportedly exchanged wedding vows in a sleepy village called Slovo Park near Siyabuswa in South Africa recently.

According to reports, the strange ceremony was held to appease his ancestors so his mum could be accepted into the Mphethi family because his father did not pay her bride price.

Buti said,

“My ancestors came to me in a dream while I was a student at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2003. I heeded the call to become a sangoma. But when they came up with the idea that I should marry my own mother, I flatly refused.”

Buti however claims the problems he encountered following his refusal prompted him to succumb.

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He reportedly gave his ‘in-laws’ two cows, and spent R14 000 on the wedding.

“I’m glad that I have finally appeased my ancestors and ensured that my mother is formally accepted in the family. She is now an Mphethi, as she should have been long ago,” he said.

Buti’s parents separated 15 years ago, and his dad, William Mphethi, currently has four wives.

His mum who said she never believed she would ever be an Mphethi, said, “I am old and getting married was something that I forgot about a long time ago. But the ancestors will reward Buti for what he has done today.”

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