Dad Jailed For Stealing Formula to Feed Hungry Newborn

A 28-year-old dad, Nurudeen Sulaimon, has been arrested by the police and jailed for allegedly stealing some tins of SMA Gold milk from a supermarket to feed his hungry newborn.

According to Vanguard news, Sulaimon went to a supermarket and stole some tins of baby milk formula worth N45,000 to feed his newborn who was crying for food. Unknown to him, his action was caught by the supermarket’s CCTV. He was apprehended on his way out of the supermarket by security men at the store and handed over to the police.

When he got to the station, he pleaded for forgiveness, claiming he had a newborn who had nothing to eat except water. He added that his wife had given birth to the newborn last week Saturday, but her breast wasn’t producing enough milk to feed the newborn.

He also revealed that she tried giving the baby water on the day the incident happened but the baby refused it, so he had to go out to get some formula to feed him.

Sulaimon was later charged to court for theft but he pleaded not guilty.

Mr A.A. Fashola, the presiding magistrate granted him a bail application of N50,000 with one surety in like sum.

He was remanded in the Kirikiri prison, Lagos until he perfected his bail application.

The case was adjourned till April 27, 2016.

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“Dad Jailed For Stealing Formula to Feed Hungry Newborn”
  • 50k bail for someone who cannot afford to feed his new born and had to steal for it? Hmmmmmmm where he wan see the money nah? They should have just forgiven him jawe. It’s his fault. What business does he have giving birth when he doesn’t have the means to? Now what will happen to the innocent child?

  • Haba! for crying out loud, why not take just a tin of milk while worth of #45k. Stealing cos a baby is very bad, why not ask neighbour/friend for assistance even akamu #50 will do something

  • This is an act of wickedness to say the least. This kinda situation has happened in the US before and the office that caught the man paid for the food and the issue was all over the internet and people started raising money for the family. Government will be watching citizens suffering in a country richly blessed like Nigeria.

  • what he did was wrong, but there is no need for charging him to court at least they were able to retrieve what was stolen. also y is it that Nigeria court can easily make a judgment for stealing formula of 45k and can’t make reasonable judgment on all the outstanding corruption cases in court?

  • but dere was no need for this na.they would have just simply takn the tins of milk from him and sent him out.

  • He must have thought to himself to steal as much as would take the baby throughout the first trimester,…greed even while stealing… smh!! Next time go look for a building site for menial jobs,.. or hire a wheelbarrow and go to a nearby market and help women with their wares from point of purchase to their cars, etc, and make some money before the end of the day. … Stop being Lazy!

  • We have read here on a similar case abroad & a police officer helped out but for Naija? For where! Though what he did wasn’t right.

  • Investigation should be carried out, hope d guy is not into stealing n selling baby food.if not he should have taken one tin.

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