2 Pushes Within 4 Minutes | Woman Delivers On The Bathroom Floor

A 24-year-old mother delivered on the bathroom floor in her home in just 4 minutes and with 2 pushes after her water broke.

According to Dailymail, the mum, Gill Woolstencroft, from Droylsden, near Manchester, took two paracetamol to help with the pain as her first child, Alyssa arrived.

Gill and her partner, Scott, 26, have been together for 7 years. They had been watching the Dark Knight when sudden she started feeling a backache.

Gill was 4 days overdue when she went into labor with their second baby. She called the midwife at around 1 am who told her to be patient until her contractions felt strong.

On hearing that, she ran a bath to try and relax but she felt her waters break and managed to get on the floor.

‘I was in labor,’ she said. ‘It had just gone 3 am and was a massive shock. I screamed for Scott to wake up and help me out of the bath.’

Around 3:08 am, Scott, lifted her out of the tub and ran to get some towels. As she slumped on the toilet, she noticed the baby’s head emerge.

She then crawled onto the bathroom floor because she doesn’t want to have her baby in the toilet.

‘As I sat down on the toilet I felt the baby’s head coming out and told Scott to ring 999,’ she said.

“I knew I had to get off the toilet and kneel down on the floor because I didn’t want to have my baby there.

I went on my knees, pushed once more and she came out, our beautiful baby girl.

As I held her in my arms, it felt like a surreal moment. It felt unbelievable how quickly it had all happened – and then there she was.”

Scott who went to get some towels rushed back into the bathroom at around 3.12 am and saw his partner cradling their new baby – four minutes after her waters broke.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw. It happened so quickly and felt so surreal.

One minute I was on the phone, the next minute Gill had had our baby. And she only took two paracetamol.

She’s really a super mum.”

Lexie, their 3-year-old daughter wandered into the bathroom, moments after the birth of the baby, confused about what all the noise was all about.

‘Lexie asked me why I woke her up and I said ‘your sister wanted to meet you’ and then she realized the baby was in my arms,’ Gill said.

Gill’s mum,Jackie, 53 and Paramedics arrived later then took her to St. Mary’s Hospital in Manchester to give birth to the placenta.

Gill was discharged by 1 pm that day with her baby Alyssa, weighing a healthy 7lbs 110z

‘The hospital doctors couldn’t believe I had given birth at home, and so quickly. Everyone was so shocked,’ she said.

‘When I was overdue I tried all the usual things, like eating pineapple, to make the baby come, but she didn’t.

With my first baby, Lexie, the birth was only 40 minutes, so I thought this one would be fast. But not four minutes.

When Alyssa is older I will tell her how significant her entrance into the world was.

It’s so special she was born in our family home and is something I don’t think I will ever forget.”


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