WATCH: Nigerian Girl Forced into Prostitution in Russia Narrates Her Ordeal

Blessing Osakwe, a Nigerian girl who was allegedly forced into prostitution in Russia has narrated her ordeal,  warning other Nigerian girls who are offered jobs abroad to ‘stay back home (and) learn to work’, adding that ‘even though the pay is small, it is much better than coming here to suffer or lose your life.’

According to DW, 2-years ago, a woman approached Blessing, telling her to come to work in Russia. She told Blessing there was a job vacancy for her in a supermarket in Russia, and that it would only take her 5 to 6 months to earn the money to pay back the cost of her visa and journey to Russia.

She added that after Blessing pays the money – $40,000 – all the money she subsequently makes belongs to her.

Blessing, who came from a poor family thought the idea of travelling abroad would help alleviate her family’s poverty and she would be able to save money for her education, so she agreed to the woman’s terms.

She finally arrived in Russia only to discover everything the woman said was a complete lie – no supermarket job for her. She was then forced into prostitution and driven around Moscow to sleep with men.

She added that there was a night she was taken to an apartment building where one man was apparently waiting for her. To her surprise, when she got inside, she discovered there were eight (8) men. She was forced to sleep with all of them.

When she refused to have sex without a condom, they took back the money they had paid, beat and molested her. They then threw her from the 4th floor of the building.

She sustained a broken hip when she hit the ground and was rushed to the hospital where she spent 2 days on life support. Her treatment was later stopped because she couldn’t afford the bill. She is now confined to a wheelchair as she can no longer walk properly.

Blessing Osakwe has now returned to Nigeria and hopes to resume her studies but the time she spent in Russia has changed her life forever.

Watch the video below.

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