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Photo: Tired Mum Leaves Baby On Airport Floor To Attend To Her Phone

A rather unusual photo of a mum who laid her baby on the floor at the airport while she attended to her phone has sparked outrage on the internet.

From the viral photo, the baby was laid on a white flannel on the airport floor. This simple act has divided the internet. While some see nothing wrong as long as the baby is comfortable and is constantly being watched by the mum, others thought it was a form of negligence on the mum’s part.

What do you think?

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“Photo: Tired Mum Leaves Baby On Airport Floor To Attend To Her Phone”
  • Very wrong, why not put the baby in between her laps…..
    Wetin be my own, so far the baby is Ok by her mum

  • She would have at least laid him on the chair, airport floor isn’t very clean for a child. I don’t even allow my kids take off their shoes in public places, let alone a baby.

  • There’s an empty chair besides her unless she’s scared the baby might fall off. I don’t see anything wrong oh.

  • Wanted to defend her till I saw the pic.this is so wrong, d child is not well covered and the floor is cold,what happened to the chair beside her? Plus the way her feet was dangling over the poor child.For me,I think that’s a nanny not a mum

    • This woman was stuck at the airport with her baby for over 24 hours. The seat next to her is slanted and not a good spot for a baby. Her baby probably LOVED the chance to stretch out and this mom needed a little break.

  • Abegi she can carry the baby on her laps and still fiddle with her phone. For crying out loud that is a public floor not her house

  • Totally wrong.. she may not even be the child’s mom, cos I don’t get how a mom can do this to her child.

    • Oh it’s abuse! There is no story that could make this “right”!! Why isn’t she sitting in the floor next to the baby? Why isn’t she holding the baby and checking her phone? Why doesn’t she ask the girl next to her, that clearly wants to hold the sweet baby, to hold her baby? She is neglecting this poor child and I would HATE to see what else she does as a mother!!!!!

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