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Dear MIMsters: What Would You Do If You Had A Husband Like Mine?

I’ve been married for 13 years now with 4 kids. I married a man I thought was God-fearing, my confidant and best friend as he was always there for me. However, a year into the marriage, I realized he does only what his mother wants at the expense of our happiness. She made us live with her for 5 years, abandoning our own home in the name of missing us. I loved, respected and obeyed her because I wanted her to be happy but it meant nothing to her as she’s always very abusive and likes to be worshipped.

On my hubby’s part, I found out he sleeps around with any available married woman, even some of his mother’s friends. He sends porn and exchanges nude pix on Whatsapp. I talked to him about it and he promised to change for good but nothing changed. I told his parents but they made me look like I complain too much by telling me it’s none of my business. They advised me to face my kids and stop touching his phone.

I have been enduring all of these but lately, I discovered he’s having sex chats with a popular pastor’s wife. When I confronted him, he beat me up and reported me to his family who supported him to the extent that they told him I am not a good wife for challenging him as the head of the family.

I still live in his house so my kids will not suffer the effects of a broken home. If not for their sake, I would go straight to court and divorce him. I don’t talk to him anymore because he asked me to apologize to his mother, saying she’s not happy with me. At first, I decided to damn the consequences and move on, but my kids pleaded they want me to endure it for them and do as he asked me to. I’m tired of always apologizing for doing nothing when he has never considered apologizing to me or my parents for laying hands on me and being such a chronic cheat.

Should I keep listening to my kids’ advise or walk away? Please I need good advice on what to do.

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“Dear MIMsters: What Would You Do If You Had A Husband Like Mine?”
  • Hmmmmmmmmmm you need to let your kids understand why you and them need to leave asap please. Firstly it’s your life at stake, secondly it’s not healthy for them to be raised in such an environment.

  • That environment is unhealthy for your kids, are you trying to teach your son that it’s ok to beat a woman or your daughter that it’s ok for her man to despise and humiliate her tomorrow? When you say you’re enduring an unhealthy marriage because of the kids, always check if the outcome is worth it. #Enoughsaid

  • You need not to apology again to anybody & pls involve your own family into this matter and listen to what they had to say, he can’t continue to treat you anyhow, if he’s tire of the marriage he should let you know so as to walk away

  • Your husband and his family’s behavior has already affected your kids psychologically. It has already affected their perspective on marriage. I’m sure you wouldn’t want them to grow up with that kind of mentality.

  • it means u av sacrifised much forthesake of ur chindren….this is too much dia its time to move on ,,,,,if i may ask”what if he dies'”it mean u will never move on n care for ur kids no ,,,,,,,move on dea anything can happen anytym

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