Most Bizarre Things My Mother-In-Law Has Ever Said To Me: Married Women Reveal

Some married women have taken to social media to spare no details of their unpleasant experiences with their so-called monsters-in-law.

According to a secret sharing app known as Whisper, the women disclosed the most shocking and bizarre things their mother-in-law said to them before they married their son, letting them know that they weren’t good enough for their son.

A bride recalled a rather bizarre experience:

‘”I’m not attending your wedding because we haven’t been introduced”.

‘We’d met on several occasions but never been “formally introduced”. No problem. Had the wedding without her.’

Another user disclosed:

‘She posted on her Facebook: “I love my son, he will never find anyone who loves and cares about him as much as I do.”‘

Another anonymous bride recalled when her partner’s mother told her the day she and her son got engaged that she was her ‘worst enemy’.


In another admission, a user revealed what her man’s mother said: ‘”I can be your best friend or your worst enemy”. I told her to shove it. We don’t like each other.’

In a similar story another in-law suggested that marrying her son might not be wise for the bride.

The mother told her daughter-in-law: ‘I’m sure this is rushed. It won’t last. Do you know who he really is?’

Another woman recalled her best friend’s experience with their rather open mother-in-law.

She posted: ‘I’m not married. But my best friend’s future mother-in-law warned her that her son had an “abnormally large” penis before they got married. (they had no been intimate yet)’.

In a few cases a spat between the mother and daughter in-law had seen the mother skipping the wedding completely.

One woman was told: ‘That my kids from a previous relationship don’t count bc they aren’t really family.

‘She didn’t attend our wedding. He’s adopted the kids and we haven’t told her. They’re her only grandchildren.’

One monster-in-law told the bride-to-be: ‘All men cheat and just to accept it and pretend it isn’t happening. You cheat and your ass is out.’

Rather shocking, another woman recalled the fact that her mother-in-law had told her that she was too good for her son.

She wrote: ‘She told me that “honestly you can do better hun”‘.

One user said she was told: ‘That I was temporary and him and I wouldn’t last if she had anything to do with it’.

Another wife was left baffled after her mother-in-law’s accusation that she was too young for her son. She was just two years younger.

Other protective parents suggested that a change in appearance was needed in their daughter-in-law

This protective grandmother was quick to warn her daughter-in-law of her stance on their plans to move.

This wife is rather lucky.

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