‘We are just abandoned in a room…not even allowed to go out’ – Ese Oruru’s Parents Cry Out

The family of Ese Oruru have reportedly accused the government of abandoning their family, adding that the police are literally holding them hostage in a room, while their daughter’s abductor enjoys freedom on bail.

According to Punch, the parents of the 14-year-old minor, who was allegedly kidnapped (read here) in their home in Bayelsa State in August  2015 and taken to Kano where she was forced into marriage and converted into Islam just raised the alarm.

Ese‘s mother, Rose lamented that the government abandoned them after initial assistance from the Bayelsa State government since their daughter put to bed. She further revealed that Ese’s life and that of her 4-month-old baby are in danger due to the family’s inability to cater for their needs.

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Mrs Rose further lamented that while her daughter’s abductor, Yunusa Dahiru was enjoying freedom on bail, the victim was being denied freedom in the guise of protection. She insisted that the conditions that Ese and her baby were kept were not conducive for their welfare as far as nutrition and psychological care in a homely environment was concerned.

She added:

”People from Bayelsa have been assisting us and even the police officers. We want to leave there for our house because the place (Police Officers Mess) is not a good place to stay and bring up a newborn baby.

We are just abandoned in a room that we are not even allowed to go out. We stay with our trash bin which is smelling. We and the new born baby are compelled to breathe the offensive smell.

So the world should note that we are being marginalised for no reason, as the boy, Yunusa, is still owing me some money after taking my daughter to Kano to impregnate her for me.”

Charles Oruru, Ese’s father also expressed bitterness over his daughter’s continued stay at the mess with her newborn, saying his daughter was supposed to be in school and all her mates were now ahead of her.

”My daughter has been yearning and even crying to go back to school as her classmates are now ahead of her. She (Ese) has lost a whole year to this saga and she is still in the police protective custody while the accused is enjoying freedom on bail.

I am begging the Delta State Government, the Federal Government and the world at large to come to our aid.

Nowadays, without education, one is going nowhere, so she is not doing anything in their custody. While the accused move freely, she is suffering there.

I call on the Delta government  to assist us because I have five children, of which Ese is the second to the last child, so my state should come to my family’s aid,” he pleaded.

Photo Credit: Punch

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“‘We are just abandoned in a room…not even allowed to go out’ – Ese Oruru’s Parents Cry Out”

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