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See What Hunger Pushed This Man To Do For His Family

The security vigilance group a community in Bayelsa State has arrested a man who was pushed by hunger to steal.

He was seen by the vigilance group at the wee ours of Thursday morning eating at a local cafeteria owned by owned by an Akwa Ibom State woman in the area, popularly called Madam Blessing. He allegedly also stole a pot of soup, 12 wraps of fufu and a half basin of garri.

PunchMetro reports that the Head of the Igbogene Vigilance Committee, Chief MoneySweet Asomo said the suspect was caught in the act red handed devouring the soup and food items that he stole. He also confessed immediately to the crime, stating that he stole the food items to give to his family and children as hunger and financial problems was what led him to commit the act.

The Ruler of the area, the Obenibe X1 of Epie Kingdom, King Hope Adike, intervened in the matter and asked them to take him around the community with the stolen items as a warning to others.

He was also made to eat the stolen items in the presence of the community people and then asked to go away with the items after the shop owner (Blessing) forgave him.

Speaking with Madam Blessing, she said that it was in her interest to forgive him and let him go as she had no money for a police case.

He was allowed to finally return to his family with the stolen items as the ruler of the community felt pity for him that it was hunger that led him and he was already  forgiven by the shop owner.

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“See What Hunger Pushed This Man To Do For His Family”

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