“Don’t Get Pregnant Again!” Kim Kardashian’s Doctors Issue Warning

36-year-old reality star mum Kim Kardashian-West, who has 3-year-old daughter North and 11-month-old son Saint with husband Kanye West revealed that she would love to expand her family and have another child, but her doctors said it wouldn’t be “safe” for her after due to the complications experienced during her first two pregnancies.

“Lately I’ve been thinking I would love to maybe have another baby. But like I had two really difficult pregnancies and really difficult deliveries so getting pregnant again it’s something that does concern me,” she said.

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim decided to go talk to her doctor with her mum, Kris Jenner about the possible health risks that she would face if she were to have a third child, People reports.

Doctor Crane said there is a “potential fear” for Kim, who suffered toxaemia (toxins in the blood caused by an infection) and endured a “very traumatic” labour when she had her children, which could cause further complications if she was to have more children in the future.

“Here’s what I think, your pregnancies, you had toxaemia, you had a retained placenta, very traumatic, we’re always worried about the next serious complication. I think the potential fear of the whole situation is legitimate.

 “You never know that you might not have the same type of problem that might be more serious this time. You’re always taking a little bit of a chance. There are situations where retained placenta could be life and death.”

”You could bleed to death,” Kris, 61, added.

However, Kim opted to get a second opinion from fertility specialist. Dr. Wong, who suggested that she really consider using a surrogate, due to the high risks a third pregnancy would create.

”Using a surrogate is not an unreasonable option. If our goal is to grow your family like you want to, then a surrogate makes sense,” he told Kim.

Kim revealed during her interview:

”If the two doctors, that I trust, have told me it wouldn’t be safe for me to get pregnant again, I have to listen to that. But because I don’t know anyone that has been a surrogate or used one, I didn’t really think about that as an option for me.”

Later, Kim met with a mom, Natalie, who not only carried her own child, but also used a surrogate, in order to pick her brain about the whole experience.

”I’m more worried, because I gave birth to two. There’s a sense in me that because I went through all that pain for these two babies and that I know we did this together…” Kim started to tell Natalie.

Meanwhile, Kim has revealed she is “scared” about having a surrogate because she doesn’t know if she will love the baby as much as her two children , although she thinks she could keep it a secret.

”My bond with my kids is so strong. I think my biggest fear is that if I had a surrogate is, would I love them the same? That’s the main thing I keep thinking about.”

Natalie then assured Kim:

”There’s not a day where I have any thought that my love for my kids are different, that my connection to my kids is different. You get to carry one and have them close to you, but then the other is because you so desperately wanted them in your family.”

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