Blac Chyna Refutes Surgery Allegations As She Flaunts Flat Belly 9 Days After Delivery

Just one week after giving birth to her daughter, Dream, on Nov. 10, Blac Chyna is already down 15 lbs. from her pregnancy weight. Blac Chyna showcased her post-pregnancy figure in public for the first time Saturday, wearing a casual outfit during a trip to a health food eatery near her Los Angeles home E! reported.


The 28 year old mum of two dispelled rumors that she had a surgery done to get her mid-riff as flat as it is now, but explained in a snapchat video where she said:

“Okay, so I posted a picture of my belly yesterday and the only reason it got that flat you guys is from breast feeding and breast pumping and from my body already being small from before my pregnancy. So I mean if you got pregnant right now I would highly recommend breast feeding and breast pumping because it’ll get your weight back down. Fast!. Don’t get me confused or whatever. I’m not saying that I lost all my baby weight, which I have not, I still have like, 40 pounds to go, I did have a C-section so I cannot really lift anything or work out or do anything like that, so I have to wait until my six weeks is up and then I can do so.”” Blac Chyna said.



Chyna says her goal is to drop back down to 130 lbs, which is how much she weighed before getting pregnant with Dream.

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“Blac Chyna Refutes Surgery Allegations As She Flaunts Flat Belly 9 Days After Delivery”

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