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12 Year Old Nigerian Girl Invents Mobile Tracking App

Tomison Ogunnubi, 12, (pictured above) is breaking new grounds with her invention of an android mobile tracking application named ‘My Locator’. The app is said to enable users know their geographic location, view it on the map and get appropriately directed.

Ogunnubi, a pupil of  Vivian Fowler Memorial College, achieved this feat, through the aid of her school and the New Horizon computer learning center.

The app, which comes in handy for children, is said to enable the user see exactly where he/she is, as well as highlights the surrounding streets. Also, it allows one save the location of their home or school and give them a detailed route on how to get there.

Another useful attribute of the app is that it has an alert button which when pressed in an emergency situation, calls the Lagos State emergency service number (767), which provides the opportunity of one being rescued. 

The app, is said to have been uploaded online and available for free download from the Google Store.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, once said that Nigeria is blessed with focused youths who in the future, “will emerge as Nigeria’s industry captains and will become tomorrow’s entrepreneurial giants like Bill Gates and the Google guys, among others.”

He is obviously correct about that.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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