Chinese Hospital Left in Shock as Woman Gives Birth Twice in 7 Days

A Chinese woman, Chen, has reportedly given birth twice in 7 days.  She welcomed  her twin daughters on February 28 after having given birth to her son on February 21.

Vanguard reports that this unusual event happened in the city of Yichang, China’s Hubei Province. It was also reported that the woman. whose age was not given, got married in 2012, but had a lot of complications getting pregnant. However, with the help of fertility treatment, Chen managed get pregnant with triplets in August 2016

She gave birth prematurely to a boy weighing 1.44kg through a natural birth. However after that, her contractions suddenly stopped. Chen Aihua, who was the head obstetrician, decided it was safer for the twin girls to remain in their mother’s womb. 7 days later, she went into labor again and was delivered successfully of her twin girls through a natural birth. Although no details were given of the girls weight.

Dr Chen explained that the three babies were dichorionic triplets, which means two of the babies share a placenta and the other has a separate one. Chen Aihua said the two baby girls had shared one placenta while the baby boy had had his own placenta.

 ‘I have been a doctor for more than 20 years. This is the first time I have seen someone going into labour twice with a six-day interval. As all of the three babies are premature and suffer from low birth weight. They are currently being observed at the neonatal care unit.” Dr Chen said

Photo Credit: Vanguard

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“Chinese Hospital Left in Shock as Woman Gives Birth Twice in 7 Days”

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