4 Reasons Why Your Toddler Won’t Nap

Toddlers are little adorable creatures aren’t they? However, a cranky sleepy toddler who refuses to nap is a different ball game entirely. You can almost be certain that they will refuse to sleep on the days that you absolutely need them to sleep.

They are growing children, they need those occasional or daily afternoon snooze time. Just for fun, here are 4 reasons why we believe these little beings just don’t want to nap sometimes:

1. What You’re Doing Looks Too Fun

In a toddler’s mind, they have to nap when other people are awake doing fun secret things. If you asked a toddler to guess what adults do during nap time, they would probably say they play and do all the fun things they never get to do. Your harmless toddler is trying to sacrifice her nap time just to join in on the fun.

2. Because She Walked Past Some Sugar Earlier

If your toddler so much as breathed in a grain of sugar during the day, there will be no nap. We are not so sure, but we hear that a single grain of sugar can power your toddler for approximately eight hours. Your toddler will look completely wired with wild eyes and way too much energy. Have fun with mama, on the other hand you may want to reconsider just how much Ribena, Boost and whatever juice packs you let your toddler have.

3. Because You Want Her To 

Toddlers are not as dumb as we think sometimes. They can smell their parents’ desperation, especially when it comes to nap time. She can see your pleading eyes willing her to sleep. And, true to their nature, they will proceed to do everything in their power to stay awake and drive you crazy.

4. She’s Overtired

Sometimes, they get so tired that they can’t sleep, even adults may feel this way sometimes too. The tantrums, tears and all the crying begins. You have to soothe, carry, sing, and do all that is possible to make her drift off easily.

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