Shameless 45-Year-Old Man who Raped & Impregnated Primary School Girl Insists she’s his Lover… Read his Unbelievable Confession

A shameless 45-year-old man who has been in a relationship with a 13-year-old primary school pupil has confessed to paying her parents money to sleep with the girl.

The randy man, Victor Emmanuel, who allegedly impregnated the girl has been arrested by the police. He claimed he did nothing wrong as the little girl is his girlfriend.

According to New Telegraph, the suspect, who is a tailor, described the little girl as his fiancée. According to him, he was already planning to marry her and has given her parents N20,000 and some drinks as part of introduction and marriage rites.

The Imo State-born suspect was arrested by detectives attached to the Ajangbadi Police Station after the girl’s school management alerted them. The police said that the suspect raped the girl and described her as a minor.

Read his silly confession below:

”I didn’t rape her! We are in a relationship. We’re even planning to get married. We have been dating for 8 months now. The girl’s parents know me. Yes, I know she’s pregnant for me.

I have accepted the pregnancy and I’m already taking care of her. I have started the marriage rites. In fact, the girl’s parents had been collecting money from me. I have paid N20,000 to them for introduction and to buy drinks.

They have also asked me to bring N100,000, out of which I have paid N64,000. The school authority said she was too young. The school authority insisted that I should come to the school. When I got to the school, I was arrested.”

However, the Investigating Police Officer (IPO), Sergeant Mary Ikumo, said that the victim’s parents claimed not to know or had ever set eyes on Emmanuel, alleging that their daughter, who is just in primary six, was raped by Emmanuel.
”The mother of the victim was with us yesterday. She said she didn’t know the suspect from Adam. She added that the girl used to hawk plantain and the suspect was one of her customers. He used to tip the girl N500 every time he buys plantain from her. One day, he pulled her into his shop and raped her” he said.

Victor insisted that the victim’s parents consented to the relationship.

”They are already addressing me as husband.”

He further said: ”I take good care of her, including paying for her hospital bills. I go to her house at Ajangbadi every time. In fact, the mother called me last week and brought some clothes to my shop to sew for her.

The woman told me that she would be travelling this week. She used to bring food for me and sometimes drops the girl with me at my shop. If police go to their compound to make their investigations, neighbours would tell them that I am her husband.

I have also been paying for her ante-natal. Yes, I once went with her to hospital for ante-natal. On most ante-natal days, her mother would come over to collect money from me.”

However, the case took a suspicious turn when the victim couldn’t tell his alleged wife’s school address, home address or her parents’ names.

Photo credit: New Telegraph
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“Shameless 45-Year-Old Man who Raped & Impregnated Primary School Girl Insists she’s his Lover… Read his Unbelievable Confession”

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