UPDATE: Mercy Aigbe-Gentry Preaches Against Domestic Violence as Alleged Details of Marriage Crisis Emerge

Amidst several reports of her marriage crisis over alleged domestic violence  (read here), Nollywood actress and producer, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry preaches against domestic violence in a post she shared on her Instagram page.

Since last week, Aigbe’s marriage has faced a lot of scrutiny and while Mercy’s husband, Lanre Gentry has spoken out a few times to deny the allegations on his Instagram page, the actress herself has stayed clear of the rumours.

However, the fashionista and mother of two has spoken up about domestic violence in general on two occasions since the news of her alleged marriage crisis hit the Internet.

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The first time, she posted a photo of a domestic violence victim three days ago and captioned it:

”Say NO to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE……Only a Coward hits a woman! REAL MEN don’t HIT! Repost if you concur.”

Yesterday, she also shared another post depicting a battered woman and used the hashtag, “Say no to domestic violence.”

About the same time, her hotelier husband, CEO of La Veronique Hotel, posted (and deleted) a photo that said ‘Say no to promiscuous women’. He also posted a photo of himself and Mercy and captioned “I love my wife so much”.

It didn’t take long for fans to deduce that something may have been wrong.

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To also confirm the reports, a CT scan, said to be Mercy’s has revealed that she allegedly suffered a fractured skull in the beating she endured at the hands of her husband, in their seven-year-marriage.

Although, Lanre Gentry continues to deny that he never laid a finger on her, CT scans are recommended to check for swellings or fractures within the head, usually caused by blunt force trauma.

The Nollywood star was pictured undergoing a CT scan at St. Solomon Health Care Limited. A source reports that the radiology report showed that the 38-year-old suffered a skull fracture caused by blunt force trauma.

NET claims that the couple’s marriage was fraught with mutual infidelity, made worse by Gentry’s financial crisis. However, there is no way to confirm that these reports are true.

An anonymous source close to the family reportedly disclosed some details about the alleged troubled marriage:

”The marriage was destined to break. Mercy Aigbe has been promiscuous all through the marriage and this has caused a strain between them since the beginning.

Some of us have always  known that this would happen someday. A married woman cannot be sleeping about like that. A lot of people thought that after she remarried, she would have calmed down.”

The insider further alleged that Mercy has always maintained amorous relationships with other men for financial favours while she was married to Gentry. Again, these are mere speculations, as there is no way to confirm the veracity of these claims.

”Where do you think she gets all her money from, movies? How much do Nigerian actresses make for their movie roles? If you compare it with their luxurious lifestyle, you’ll see that it doesn’t add up.

Let me give you an example: for someone who likes to travel as much as she does, each trip she takes outside the country takes nothing less than N3million. Take a look at her Instagram posts. She always flies business class.  The cheapest amount you can get a business class ticket to Dubai is N900,000. Don’t you see the pictures she posts online? Mr Gentry simply does not have the funds to foot that bill multiple times a year.”

The report also claims that Lanre, 50, also had extra-marital affairs. The source also claims that his hotel was where he hung out with other women. Unfortunately for him, the current economic downturn has taken a toll on his business and he is not as buoyant as he used to be few years ago.

Reports state that the last straw that broke the camel’s back for the couple was a combination of Mercy’s sudden boldness and her husband’s latest fling with one Opemititi, a graduate of Covenant University, who is reportedly close to Mercy.

Mercy was later shocked to find out that Opemititi was allegedly sleeping with her husband.

According to the report, the final straw between the estranged couple came when Gentry reportedly asked his wife to cook a special meal for him and his friends. Mercy Aigbe refused to do her husband’s wish and a huge fight ensued.

But she had had enough and fought back bitterly, lashing out from all the pain and anger of several years, and he beat her to a pulp.

After years of displaying their love for one another publicly, it might just seem their marriage is over as the actress is reportedly holed up in a Magodo apartment while her husband is exploring divorce options.

Of all the women that have children for Lanre, Mercy is the only one who he married, and sources say he might lose all he has worked for should the case go in her favour.

A few hours ago, Lanre took to Instagram to share throwback photos, taking her estranged wife down memory lane. He also described her as his queen (Olori) and wife (Iyawo).

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