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MUST READ! Jyoti & Kiran Matharoo Give Exclusive Details About Femi Otedola Saga

The Matharoo – Femi Otedola saga is one story that sure did stay in the headlines for a long time. And now, more details of the story have emerged, as disclosed by Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo.

It is reported to have begun on the 14th of December, a few days after Jyoti and Kiran arrived in Nigeria for their usual holidays. They were soon greeted with a loud knock by Police officers who barged into their rooms.

Their phones and laptops were seized, as they were drilled by the police who wanted to know their connection to a gossip blog the sisters were said to be running. The blog, NaijaGistLive was a website where the alleged “dirty secrets” of highly influential politicians and persons were reported, including that of Nigerian Billionaire Femi Otedola.

“When I first told the police officer that we had been slandered on the site ourselves, he said, ‘You have?’” Kiran said. “He was confused by it.”

Jyoti said she picked up her cellphone and tried to dial the Canadian Embassy but was caught by an officer who snatched the device from her hands. They were forced into a vehicle and taken away after that. Sitting on pieces of foam in a dank, roofless cell among 11 other women , Jyoti and Kiran’s fear began to mount. 8 hours later they were released and lodged at a hotel near the airport. A few days later, the women say Otedola arranged for them to record a video where they apologised, admitted to running the blog and swore an oath to to leave the country. They say  they were offered a deal in exchange for their freedom. Out of fear they gave in and recorded this video here:

Otedola’s claims  in court documents that the sisters had threatened himself and his family as they were in fear of being kidnapped and there was injury to his character and reputation. He also is said to have alleged that the website was run by these sisters. However, they have continually debunked this claim.

Despite missing several court appearances in Nigeria, the sisters who returned to Canada on the first of January, have decided to speak out about what they claim to be the real truth. They shared everything above in an interview with Toronto CTV news. They also say they fear that the stain and reputation on their name is permanent and will never be forgotten.

To read more about their interview, go to Toronto CTV news.

Video & Photo Credit: Instagram, Youtube & Vanguard


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“MUST READ! Jyoti & Kiran Matharoo Give Exclusive Details About Femi Otedola Saga”

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