Dear MIMsters: Will this plan of mine help to separate my husband from his married ex?

My husband and his ex have refused to let go of themselves. We have been married for 6 years now and his ex has also been married for 6 years with two kids while my hubby and I also have 2 kids together.

This woman has been disturbing my husband since 2014, and has invited him over to the town where she lives. She often sends pornography to my husband. I have spoken to my husband on several occasions but it seems I have been wasting my time. Now, I have decided to contact her husband so that he can help by calling his wife to order.

There has been no peace in my home because of this married woman. Each time I talk about this issue, my husband takes the offensive and would not speak to me for days. My husband is not a womaniser, but this married prostitute has turned his face away from his home for the past two years. please I need help on what to do. Thank you.


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“Dear MIMsters: Will this plan of mine help to separate my husband from his married ex?”
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm your husband that you are married to isn’t ready to end the affair so you now want to inform her husband? Ok nah when he chases her out, she will face yours squarely.

  • I have been my man for 4 years now but he is a womanizer not only a womanizer but anything that has whole, he do both married and unmarried, children and older women of his grand mother age. But the most painful part is that he is sleeping with his own sisters and don’t even care about me. Please what should I do? Because I want to leave him alone.

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