Dear MIMster: My Husband Doesn’t Seem Interested in Having a Child with Me

I need advice now on what to do with my husband. I have been married for 8 years now without a child. Sadly, it has been confirmed that my husband has low sperm count. I have been praying for him but he is not helping matter and does not seem interested.

He is a soldier fighting Boko Haram in the North East. I got a shock when I heard from a family friend that this man whom I have been praying and fasting for was in Lagos without my knowledge. My  husband did not tell me that he in Lagos while I live in Abuja.

When I confronted him , he lied to me that he was sent to Lagos on an official assignment. I have pretty much noticed that my husband is no longer faithful to me. Whenever he comes to Abuja and we have sex, he doesn’t last up to 5 minutes while I end up with itches in my private part.

There was a day we had problem about his unfaithfulness to me and he told me verbally that his father married four wives, so he can marry as many wives as he wishes.

We wedded in church and I have been going to prayer house because of him but I was told that he has to come by himself for the prayers. Whenever I tell him to come to church with me for prayer, he will tell me he has no chance, that the prayers during Sunday service is OK for him. I am tired of everything. My in-laws have kept mute, hence, divorce is on my mind.


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“Dear MIMster: My Husband Doesn’t Seem Interested in Having a Child with Me”

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