Dear MIMsters: I’m Heart broken! My Husband’s Family Has Kidnapped my Baby

I am a heartbroken woman who got married to my husband in March, 2015. One month after the wedding, my husband beat me up like a criminal because when he called me for morning devotion, I came and sat down then I noticed he was reading his school book. I told him to put his book aside so we can with the devotion.

He kept quiet and ignored me while I kept waiting. I left and went into the kitchen. As I started cooking, he locked the kitchen door and came for me. He used all the kitchen utensils he could lay his hands on to beat me. This happend one month after our wedding.

Since that day, it became a common thing to have me beaten up when he feels provoked. I cried and prayed for fifteen month before God answered me with the fruit of the womb. Three months into the pregnancy, he beat me up so much that I bled throughtout the night. I ran to my parent’s house in the morning.

I gave birth to a baby girl on February 16, 2017. He’s even beaten me while I had her on my back. To cut the long epistle short, my husband’s family has kidnapped my suckling baby from me. I need help to reach the welfare office here in Benin City, so I can have full custody of my child.

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“Dear MIMsters: I’m Heart broken! My Husband’s Family Has Kidnapped my Baby”
  • And in all these you didn’t report to the police? How can you even get pregnant in such a hostile environment? Praying for 15 months to be pregnant by a beast? Hmmmmmmmm. I don’t know any welfare office in Benin. Please report to the police.

  • Try to get in touch with DPA – Emeka Ugwuonye on Facebook . He may be able to help. I also believe most of the local government offices have welfare offices attached or know the location. This is damn too much for a person to bear. I pray you get your baby and find peace

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