Dear MIMster: How Do I Deal With My Mum’s Pressure and My Man’s Rejection All at Once?

How does one manage pressure and rejection at the same time. It’s too much for me to bear.

I have known this guy for the past four years and dated him since a little over a year ago.

I am 22 and he’s 27. I am currently three months pregnant with his child. While he showed up to my mum and claimed responsibility for my pregnancy, to my greatest surprise, when we went out on that same day, he begged me to abort the baby.

He went on and on and told me how he’s not yet ready to be a father and has a lot of plans for us. He gave me N5ok to get an apartment so that I leave my mum to live on my own. That way, my mum will not be involved and be able to influence my decision about the abortion.

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I desperately tried to change his mind but he’s obviously not ready to listen.

Meanwhile, my mum pressuring me to get my boyfriend to show up to see my father. I’ve told my boyfriend but he still insists that he’s not ready for that shit. At this point, I am confused and I can’t think straight. One thing is sure though I have a strong conviction against aborting my baby.

Since days now, he has stopped picking my calls. I have kept all these away from my mum as I don’t know how to face her. With all these, I can clearly see that this guy doesn’t love me.

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“Dear MIMster: How Do I Deal With My Mum’s Pressure and My Man’s Rejection All at Once?”

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