Dear MIMsters: The Doctor Said I am Fine But This Pain Won’t Go Away

I’ve been having this breast pain for over 3 months now. Normally, it would start a few days before my period and would stop when my menses starts or a day or two after. But right now, I don’t know what’s wrong.

I’ve consulted a well qualified doctor who started started giving me injections twice a week, yet the pain persists. My breasts are so heavy and are obviously increasing in size. The doctor said it’s a gradual process and that it’ll be fine by the time we’re done with the treatment.

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I was so worried that he then asked me to go for cancer and lump scan, which I did and everything was confirmed Ok. I have no cancer nor any lumps but the pains come from both sides of my breasts connected to my armpit area.

I’m just 25, unmarried nor a mother yet. Medically, I have been told that I OK despite having these pains. What then could be wrong? Can anyone relate to this? Am I still growing? Are my hormones changing?

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I’ve done an abortion once but that was years back. The doctor said it might be as a result of that, yet the scan didn’t see anything wrong with me. I’ve done a swap test, nothing was found apart from a yeast infection which has been treated and confirmed cleared. I’m so worried and depressed right now. Please fellow mimsters, help a sister!

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“Dear MIMsters: The Doctor Said I am Fine But This Pain Won’t Go Away”
  • How can an abortion done years ago be the cause of the pains? I think you should seek a second and even third opinion. Check with other doctors and also pray about it.

  • Well something like this happened to me earlier this year. Infact eh the pain was unbearable, if my husband gets close to my breast I actually cry out in pain anyway turned out I was pregnant.

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