Dear MIMsters: Should I Be Wary of My Boss’ Generosity?

I have been working with this my boss before I got admitted in a higher institution. My boss is a married man and has children.

Since I am the one sponsoring myself to school, I often return to work during the holidays after each semester.

My boss has been very generous and pays me more than my regular salary each time I am going back to school.

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Currently, I am about to go back to Abuja so I can work so I can earn money to pay my bills and save up money for the next semester.

Today, I received a call from my boss who told me that he would like us to meet somewhere. I was like, I still have my exams to write before I leave for Abuja. He repeated that he wants to see me and I know that he is a womanizer.

He has successfully lured some of us (sales girls) due to money & nzuzu. I’m not interested to dance to his womanizing tune. I just want to work get paid and go back to school. Please advice me on how to handle this matter.

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“Dear MIMsters: Should I Be Wary of My Boss’ Generosity?”
  • Tell him straight up. You appreciate his kind gestures, but you are sorry you can’t offer anything more than the work you do for him. After this, be ready to either loose your job or he starts to treat you harshly. Either ways, you have passed your message across.

  • Go and meet with him to at least give him a benefit of doubt. But you know where you stand on issues like going down, so stick with that.

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