Adorable Love Story | Nigerian Woman Set to Marry Man She Met On Twitter

A Nigerian woman who took to Twitter to find solace over a heartbreak from a previous relationship is set to wed her sweetheart after she initiated a chat with him.

According to Becca whose twitter handle is @beckiepweetiebo, she was only on twitter to laugh and have a good time while trying to get over her heartbreak. 

The pretty woman said she took a bold step by sending this particular ‘male’ a direct message and got a response, from then on they started communicating.

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She revealed that although the gentle looking man was based and living in the United Kingdom while she was in Nigeria, they gave it a trial and tried to make it work.


Read her story below:

“3 years after I’m back here to share my story here on twitter… I will be sharing something with you guys tomorrow, anticipate.

So , I said I was gon share you guys a story here….. Sit back and enjoy this THREAD

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1) I started using twitter way back like 2012, can’t really remember, but I didn’t know how it works and all

2) Fast forward to 2014, I came back here … I just got out of a relationship, so was still very much heartbroken…

3) Basically I came back here, for the laughs and all  till I’m finally over the heartbreak but I didn’t know God had more plans for me.

4) so I was always coming here more often, it was working, and I was already getting over the heartbreak so one day I decided to shoot my shot, I sent a dm to this guy here and he replied .. I was like wawu😂

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5) From there we started talking, calls and all, meanwhile we were both in diff countries at that time

6) I was here in Nig and he was in the U.K., so it was a long distance thing 😭, lol but still we gave it a try”

See a screenshot of their first chat below:


Love can start or blossom from even the weirdest places.

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