Mother Reveals How She Handles Skepticism over Her Black & White Twins

The mother of a black and white twins known as the million-to-one admits that she has warned teachers that they were related before resumption, to avoid any confusion because of their skin differences.

Marcia and Millie Biggs, 11, from Highgate, Birmingham, looked almost identical when they were first born in July 2006, but their kids differences soon became apparent.

As little Millie started to become dark-skinned, blue-eyed Marcia took on a lighter complexion, growing blonde, curly hair.

Their mum Amanda Biggs has had to warn King Solomon International Business School in Aston, Birmingham, where they will start secondary school on Thursday, that they are actually twins.

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Amanda got married to her husband, Michael Biggs who is a Jamaican and the pair said that they have been repeatedly stopped in the street when baffled passers-by catch eyes on the lovable kids.

According to Dailymail, teachers at their old school, Osborne Junior and Infant School in Erdington, Birmingham, also struggled to believe that the pair were related:

“I’d be picking them up after school, and the other parents would stop me and say: “are they your daughters?” When I told that them that they were twins, they would always be stunned.

I notice a lot of people doing double-takes,” Amanda said.

Amanda revealed that at first when she and Michael got married they were worried about what the outcome of their kids will be as they thought, one black one white.

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According to the mother of two, they decided not to let it bother them. They accepted what came to them and they love the twin very much. The little angels look so much alike aside their skin and hair color.

Although few people believe and agree the girls are a twin, Amanda still had to explain to their new school teachers that they are, so nothing would make either of them feel awkward.

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“There were a few teachers who didn’t believe them at first, but as they got to know them, they saw how similar they were. . . . I’ve explained to the school that despite their differences, they are twins, and hopefully that will help to overcome any awkwardness.

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