Dear MIMsters: After Enduring the Ultimate Betrayal, I Now Want My Revenge

I noticed that a colleague who is also a friend of mine and my boyfriend had some undertones going on between them. It was the ultimate betrayal.

I asked him but he gave me no answer. All of a sudden, he shut me out, and stopped calling, chatting or communicating with me. When I call him, he would speak rudely to me.

Later, this guy told me that he wants he wants me to be free since he’s not making me happy and he knows. Even when I told him that I am not complaining, he said I’m a good woman, so he does not want to toy with my feelings but that we will remain besties.

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He started drifting away from me.

I asked my friend what was going on between them and she said nothing. She calls him every night and he also calls her. She even sent him a message on Whatsapp telling him how much she loves him and is always calling him baby.

I kept quiet about all these discoveries. My man stopped caring about how hurt I was unlike he use to.

Some days ago, I caught both of them in a hidden place with lights off. They didn’t know that I would  be coming and when I came, the atmosphere was suspicious and tense but I kept quiet.

Two days ago, my colleague returned to the University where she lives and schools. Now, my guy has suddenly became so nice to me. He now gets jealous of me making calls and is always observing me to ask if I’m OK when he notices I’m not alright.

He also calls me at night, something he hasn’t done in a while. Now, he’s all joking and laughing thinking I don’t know what happened between them.

I would like to let him know I know of his stupid acts and I’ve decided get back at my female colleague by giving her high blood pressure. For taking him away from me, I will tell her so many nasty things that I’m doing with him even if they are not true. She is someone I called a friend.

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I know that my ex try to make his way back to me soon because he’s done this before and I forgave him. How do I handle him when he comes back? I don’t want him to feel he played smart on me. He is the same guy who took my virginity. He’s 33 and I’m 22. Please, give me your advices.

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“Dear MIMsters: After Enduring the Ultimate Betrayal, I Now Want My Revenge”
  • Please just let them be. Allow them to continue with their stupidity they will regret it in the long run. Do not stress to revenge.

  • Let him.go please. Hez nt wrth all the troubles of revenge. He has done it before cheatg on u,he just did it,he would still do it again. Save ursf the stress,pain and heartbreak,dre are beta guys ahead

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