9 Things New Moms Don’t Know About Breastfeeding

It’s a whole new life of discovery for first-time moms. They may have helped take care of their younger sister or niece when she was born, but having your own baby and being responsible for its every need is a different game.

One new discovery is the art and act of breastfeeding. They could get exasperated when things aren’t going as smoothly as they expected, if only they knew. Here are 10 interesting things new moms might not know about breastfeeding.


  1. It’s not just any bra as usual

When you get pregnant, your breasts grow in size, preparing for the production and supply of breastmilk for baby’s consumption. Go shopping for the right size and type. It would make things easier for you.


  1. Breastfeeding Accessories

Oh you do need some special ‘gadgets’ in order to carry out your mommy duties. Get reusable or disposable nursing pads to soak up leaking milk, nipple cream for sore nipples (they will get sore) and a pump to express breastmilk whenever it’s necessary.


  1. Latching? What’s that?

Many new moms didn’t know that there is a method to placing baby’s mouth over the nipples. If you don’t get it right, breastfeeding will be tedious. You can learn the right way from your post-natal caregiver or your baby’s paediatrician.


  1. The Tingling sensation

The first time you nurse your baby, you will feel a tingling, weird sensation in your breasts. It’s kind of like the breasts saying, “hey I’m ready to let down some milky nutritious goodness!”. When you hear a baby cry, it may happen, even if it’s not your baby. Don’t fret, your girls are just showing off their motherly instincts.


  1. Nipple types

Just as there are different types of people, there are different shapes of breasts and types of nipples. Some types of nipples, like the inverted nipples, may make it difficult for baby to latch on. This doesn’t mean that breastfeeding cannot happen, see a lactation specialist for help if this is your case.

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  1. Cramps while breastfeeding?

They come often when you’re nursing your baby. First time moms have it easier than moms that have gone through more than one birth. As baby suckles, a hormone called oxytocin is released and it helps your uterus contract or shrink back to the shape and size it was before you get pregnant. It’s actually a good thing, a sign that healing is taking place.


  1. Engorged Breasts

This is bound to happen every now and then. Your Breasts produces so much milk that your breast may start to hurt, if it’s not released. You can either feed baby or use any of your breastfeeding accessories -the pump to relieve your Breasts of some milk and store it in baby’s feeding bottle.


  1. Baby’s law of demand and supply

I bet you didn’t know that your Breasts produce and supply breast milk according to baby’s demand. That means if baby consumed two litres of breastmilk yesterday, your Breasts will produce two litres of milk today. Interesting, innit?


  1. Plugged ducts

So, there may be times when your Breasts have produced enough milk and baby is latching on properly but the breasts aren’t just flowing with milk, why? It’s probably because of blocked milk ducts. The ducts get blocked because you’re not emptying the breasts either by feeding or expressing. The extra mile causes the tissue around the duct’s openings to get swollen and this blocks it and stops milk from flowing through. It could hurt, so make sure you see a doctor when the milk doesn’t flow.



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